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malika min 2What is you educational background?

I have 2 First Class Bachelor degrees, one in International Economic Relations from National University, another one in International Law from University of World Economy and Diplomacy. My postgraduate studies include Postgraduate Degree in Law (University of Law, London) and Postgraduate Diploma in a Special Education (WIUT). Currently I am in a process of applying for a PhD degree.

What are research interests?

My main research interests lay within areas of Legal Aspects of Migration, Tort Law and Law of Obligations. I also conducted research on CSR and contributed a chapter to a book on CSR, published in UK. Additionally, I am interested in latest research on education and employability.

Have you involved your students in your research?

Yes, I have involved a number of my supervisees in research activities I conduct. The latest research in which a student was involved, was related to issues of civil liability for harm caused by artificial intelligence machines.

What are one or two of your proudest professional accomplishments?

The first professional accomplishment I can be proud of is my contribution of a chapter in a very high academic level book which was published in UK.
Secondly, I am proud of being chosen by students as the best law teacher last year. Such honour is really something to be proud of. For me, students' appreciation and respect is the best indicator of my efficiency as a teacher.

 Do you have international work experience?

Yes, I have worked for a number of international companies in USA and in UK. In US I held a managerial position, while in UK most of my work was law-related. I have worked for such companies as Boots, Book Warehouse and Norton Rose.

Places you have visited and wish to visit:

I love traveling - it opens horizons, teaches to be open minded, accommodates further personal growth and development, allows to form new friendships and learn about a different culture. I have not travelled as much as I would like to, but I have lived, studied and worked in USA and in UK. I visited Austria, France, Spain and Russia as a tourist. Still there are a number of places I still dream of visiting, such as Italy, China, Egypt, Greece and Singapore.

Favorite things about working at WIUT?

There are many things I love about working in WIUT, so it is not surprising that it is my 15th year here). Foremost, it is the students. It is amazing to feel how your input as a teacher and adviser helps them see the world differently, broadens their thinking and allows them to evaluate and critically analyse the environment around them. From kids who do not know much about the world, they grow into great thinkers, strong leaders and innovative and reliable employees, capable of making a big difference. Surely, seeing such changes is very self-rewarding and motivating.
Secondly, I love the WIUT atmosphere, created by the administration - innovative, democratic, encouraging, supportive, and transparent. Many colleagues I work with became personal friends. It feels like a family, where each member is valued and appreciated.

The most life changing, transformative experience of your life?

The most transformative experience for me was winning the Chevening award and becoming the first Chevening scholar from Uzbekistan. The program allowed me to gain knowledge and skills, which were not possible to obtain in Uzbekistan at that time. Studying on the Chevening Program made me realize the importance of self-development, value of education and helped me to transform my mentality and mode of thinking. It helped me to develop skills to be successful in my work and further studies.