The Allocation Puzzle is Alive and Well

by Behzod Alimov
22 April 2015

Application of Blended Learning in Higher Education: Case of Organizational Behavior module at WIUT

by Mukhammadfoik Bakhadirov and Anna Sevostyanova

17 April 2015

Governance in Transition Countries. The politics of Plov, the Case of Uzbek National Dish

by Alan France
15 April 2015

Comparative Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure practices in Islamic and Conventional Banks

by Gulomjon Kosimjonov
2 April 2015

International Remittances and Household Expenditures: Empirical Evidence from Uzbekistan

by Dilnoza Muslimova, Angelina Nazarova and Kamiljon Akramov (IFPRI)
27 March 2015

Data Protection in Eurasian Countries: Choice of Policy Approaches and Instruments

by Ulugbek Abdullaev Read more
3 March, 2015

Dynamics in Migrant's Profile. The Case of Central Asian Transition Economies

by Ziyodullo Parpiev
27 February, 2015

Forced Marriage and Birth Weight: the Consequences of Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

by Dr. Bakhrom Mirkasimov
26 February, 2015

Anticorruption Policies in Asia: Theoretical Approaches and Lessons from Policies in Singapore

by Dr. Aziz Makhmudov
17 February, 2015

Characteristics of Small and Medium Enterprise Innovativeness: Cases of Uzbekistan and China

by Dr. Ahunjonov Umidjon
3 February, 2015

Bibliometric Analysis of the Scientific Literature on Land Use Functions in Central Asia

by Ahmad Hamidov
14 January, 2015

Intelligence and International Trade in Gravity Models

by Raufhon Salohodjaev and Dr. Sardor A'zam
17 December, 2014

The Determinants of Divorce: The Ego Effect (Empirical Evidence from Russia)

by Salim Turdaliev
21 December, 2014

What Do We Know About Microfinance at Macro Glance?

by Dr. Nargiza Alimukhamedova and Dr. Jan Hanousek
23 October, 2014

Education Job Match

by Feruza Abidova and Yulduz Yakubova
11 July, 2014

Academic year 2013-14

Combination of Growth Model and Earned Schedule to Forecast Project Cost at Completion

by Timur Narbaev
26 June, 2014

International Migration, Remittances and Household Spending Behavior: Evidence from Tajikistan

by Dr. Kamiljon Akramov
2 June, 2014

Relationship Between Time Management Aspect of Exam Registration and Achieved Exam Scores

by Aleksey Semyonov
12 May, 2014

Competency Mismatch and Job Satisfaction: a Person-job Fit Model

by Dr. Nurmukhammad Yusupov
1 May, 2014

New Markets and New Market Frictions: Evidence from Ethanol and Retail Gasoline Prices

by Shukhrat Musinov
8 February,2014

Estimating Residential Electricity Demand in Uzbekistan

by Dr. Bakhtiyor Eshchanov
13 January, 2014

Research Motivation at WIUT and German universities

by Dr. Nodira Abdullayeva

4 February, 2013

Better Access to Microcredits

by Dr. Nargiza Alimukhamedova
30 January, 2013

Cost-benefit Analysis of Early Childhood Hygiene Interventions in Uzbekistan

by Jahongir Negmatov and Dr. Ziyodullo Parpiev
10 January, 2013