Creative Industry Management summer school’s award ceremony Featured

Published in Archive 2017-2018

On 21st of June the summer school - CREATIVE INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT was officially closed. The pilot project was a success thanks to the organizers- Alisher Sabirov, Art and Culture Development Foundation, administration of the Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage", the administration of the Focus School, and all the participants.

The school’s purpose was to develop creative industry management area in Uzbekistan, to promote the social engagement the Uzbek youth. The upcoming project is going to be a master’s program- Creative Industry Management. 

One of the school's members- Oydina Aliyeva, shared her experinece about the University's summer school programme.” From the first day I was astonished by the immensity of the project, in the literal sense of the word, that included foreign spesialist particularly from Moscow. It is a very different level, I would say. I have learned a lot, especially, that my knowledge in this area is only at it's starting point, and that I still have a lot of work to do to reach my goals of a better understanding in this area. “- she says.  Oydina believes that the taught program covers a considerably larger amount of information. “It is like when someone puts a lot of delicious food in front of you, and you want to eat it all, but you can’t”- she laughs.