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ADB-WIUT Workshop

Published in Archive 2016

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) has joined hands with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in organizing the workshop on “Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central Asia. Evolution of Employment and the Role of Economic Corridors in Creating Good Jobs in Uzbekistan” which was held at WIUT on 27-28 June.

This country workshop is meant to deepen the analysis of the ADB commissioned study on: “Employment and Labor Market Policies” with a focus on Uzbekistan. The workshop aimed at discussing issues related to the evolution of employment and the role played by economic corridors in creating “good jobs” (jobs which are well-paid, productive, and safe—and contribute to promoting  inclusive growth).

The workshop’s target audience included policymakers, government agencies’ officials, the civil society, research centers, think tanks, and other relevant institutions from Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. Representatives of development partner institutions and Prof. Ravi Kanbur  of Cornell University participated in the workshop in addition to members of the study team and ADB staff and consultants. The workshop targeted a total of about 50 participants.

During the one and a half days event the participants dedicated their time to discuss issues pertaining to the inclusive growth which implies  equal access for the population to the resources provided by the economic growth in country. In this context, the employment rate could be seen as one of the indicators of the inclusive growth and the human capital is an important factor to promote development and growth.