Murad Nazarov’s Lecture in WIUT

Published in Archive 2016

Keeping with good WIUT traditions of engaging students with representatives of business "WIUT Business Club" organized a guest lecture by Murad Nazarov, the founder of "Murad Buildings".

Murad Buildings – is a company that carries out active businesses in the sphere of real estate development in Uzbekistan. The major activity area of the company is development of the residential projects, including apartment buildings and related social infrastructure. Residential complexes are being erected beyond an individual architectural concept and designed for a wide target audience with different income level.

The lecture has been attended by around 100 students and touched upon the topics such as leadership, self-development, effective team work and charity. Murad Nazarov started his presentation about the origins of his business and his career path.  When students asked about his plans for the next 5 years he answered, that he plans to become a leader in construction business not only in Uzbekistan, but also in CIS countries.  Establishment of own private school and kindergarden is also one of his dreams and plans.

Being a very active man himself, Murad Nazarov inspired students to be more proactive in life and work on their leadership skills in order to reach success in life. Moreover, students showed their interset to take an internship in his company. Apparently last summer several WIUT students have already tested themselves via internship opportunities in MBC.