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Lord Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh’s visit to WIUT

Published in Archive 2016

On 5th of December WIUT welcomed Lord Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh, member of the British Parliament who told students about his success path.

The Lord Sheikh visited Uzbekistan as an observer for presidential elections held on 4th of December by the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. During his visit he observed and analyzed election processes in the country, met with the Government officials and ordinary citizens of Uzbekistan. He also kindly agreed to meet with WIUT students and staff members to talk about his personal life, achievements in business and politics, importance of being resilient and innovative.

Lord Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh was born in Kenya and brought up in Uganda. His parents originally were from Kashmir. When he arrived to the United Kingdom he started his insurance career by joining the Sun Alliance Insurance Company in London. He also attended the City of London College and Holborn College where he completed the Associateship of The Chartered Insurance Institute and subsequently passed the Fellowship of The Chartered Insurance Institute. Later he also attained the Financial Planning Certificate. He has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate for Humanitarian work he undertakes.

The Lord Sheikh is also eager to share his knowledge and ideas with young people, which is why during 12 years he was visiting lecturer at various colleges and universities. Moreover, he also has written educational materials and publications which are mostly on insurance subjects. He has written extensively on various subjects and was a speaker at numerous meetings and conferences on business as well as leadership matters. Being a Conservative Peer, businessman, academic and philanthropist Lord Sheikh shared his own way of reaching success in business, economy and life with young people. He emphasized on the significance of being resilient, innovative and focused- qualities important for everyone. Furthermore, he encouraged students to look for opportunities and great ideas wherever they go. Lord Sheikh pointed out essential ingredients for success in business: to build a strong team; to have a vision; to be innovative; to look for new opportunities; to produce the right product; to have an active Marketing strategy; to have service standards and to use technology; to deal adequately with complains; effective communication; to keep your word; Win-win scenario. At the end of his lecture he answered to all questions of students regarding his life and success story.