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Thursday, 9th November 2017
Thursday, 30th November 2017
Category: Academic / Administration
Department: Academic Staff Positions
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description:


Academic – Associate Lecturer/Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Principal


Relevant Head of Subject Area


To undertake a professional contract as an Academic member of staff in particular teaching, research, academic administration and contribution to the corporate wellbeing of Westminster International University in Tashkent.   To undertake professional duties as an Academic member of staff in designated subject area as directed by the University this to include subject  and curriculum development, teaching responsibilities at all levels, the engagement in research and scholarly activity and related administration


The university has developed an environment and a set of policies that encourages the development of a professional relationship amongst all colleagues in particular it wishes to promote a professional relationship with academic staff that encourages a commitment to and delivery of an assured level of quality of teaching, learning, research, scholarship and corporate engagement.  This requires a culture of mutual respect, personal responsibility and a commitment to the highest standards of professional engagement.

You will be appointed to a designated Subject Area but you will be expected to work across subject areas as required and as encouraged to develop and extend the universities portfolio of research and teaching interests. You are required to undertake professional duties relating to the development, delivery and administration as an Academic, this would be a continuous process and covers all the duties of a lecturer.  A lecturer is an Academic and is required to engage in research and scholarly activity that underpins the delivery and development of the subject, the curriculum and the modules in the subject area.  As a colleague there is a strong expectation that you make a contribution through your engagement in the development of the university.


  • To undertake scholarly and research activity as appropriate in the subject area, to underpin and develop the curriculum, teaching, assessment and learning resources for the modules, courses and related educational provision of the university
  • To teach on a range of modules in a subject area, including the associated assessment setting, marking and review process, including support to students and staff studying or teaching on the module
  • To lead a Module(s) and be responsible for the Quality Assurance of those modules, including the monitoring and review of the student performance, learning resources and associated Quality Assurance and Enhancement process.
  • To lead a Module(s) and be responsible for the Quality Assurance of those modules, including the monitoring and review of the student performance, learning resources and associated Quality Assurance and Enhancement process.
  • To develop new teaching and assessment material within the subject area, for use in the module or related modules, such teaching materials to be the property of the university
  • To engage in research and scholarly activity that underpins the area of teaching and results in the promulgation of the outputs of the research and scholarly activity to enhance the research and scholarship of the university 
  • To undertake personal and professional development to support the teaching, scholarly and research activities
  • To undertake the administrative and organisational requirements of teaching, research and related professional educational provision
  • To engage in institutional projects relating to the mission and direction of the university.
  • To engage in the community and corporate wellbeing of the university and participate in the professional requirements for the institutional development

Preferred Skills:


  • Candidates are expected to hold a minimum of a Post Graduate degree, from an international institute of Higher Education HE in the subject area or related areas
  • In certain areas professional qualifications and/or professional experience can be considered as equivalent to Post Graduate qualifications.  
  • Candidates should be fluent in English either with 7 IELTS or a subject qualification taught and assessed in English as per the policy on Academic staff.


  • Teaching experience in the HE sector and/or an understanding of the requirements for teaching in H.E. in an international environment.
  • Professional experience in the area is desirable.
  • A specialist interest in teaching and research 
  • Evidence of commitment to innovation in course development and delivery
  • Evidence of awareness of professional interest and scholarly activity in the area
  • Evidence of current scholarly, research and/or professional activity in the subject area.


  • The applicants will need to demonstrate their commitment, flexibility, passion and enthusiasm for the subject area
  • Be well organized and able to plan ahead and meet deadlines
  • Evidence of good interpersonal skills, including presentation and communication skills