Creative Industry management Summer School

Creative Industry management Summer School

The next two weeks, I will be a participant of the summer school "Management of Creative Industry".
From the first day, I got a flurry of information and inspiration for the further synthesis and work. The first lecturer was Anna Tropkova, deputy director for reconstruction and development of the “Garage” Museum.

Briefly about the lecture:
Firstly, in many developed countries, the emphasis has been put on the development of the "creative industry", which accounts for 20% of the sector of the economy.
Secondly, global trends have long been applied at the local level. Many of our cities were formed and built during the planned economy of the USSR and require reconstruction, renovation and creative approach. For example, in Moscow, these questions are dealt with KB “Strelka”. What is their purpose? The state, the private sector of the economy, residents and specialists are linked to create strategic and effective solutions for the development of the city. Creating cities for people and again for people. Where there is an opportunity for development, creation and new perspectives.
Thirdly, to allow factories and power stations that stopped its activity acquire a new life, to become a modern and comfortable centre for business, culture and creativity.

Dilbar Bakhadirova

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