MSc in Applied Economics (MSc AE)

Our MSc in Applied Economics (MSc AE) is validated by the University of Westminster (London, U.K.) and delivered at WIUT. The course provides students solid grounding in economic theory and advanced knowledge in quantitative methods needed to succeed as business economists, market or financial analysts, economic researchers or economists in government institutions.

Language of Instruction:


Students can choose to enrol into a 1-year, full time mode, or a 2-year, part time mode (classes start at 18:30).

Entry requirements for the course?

The minimum requirements necessary for admission to the programme are as follows:

  • A first (bachelors) degree (2:2 or equivalent) in economics/mathematics/statistics or related fields
  • Students whose first language is not English are required to have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (including 6.0 in writing) or equivalent.

 The consideration in such a  framework  is given to applications for Accredited Prior Learning (APCL) or experiential learning (APEL). The same rule is applied for students who have partially completed a relevant Masters programme in another country or who may have a professional Postgraduate Diploma. The student’s prior learning claim will be mapped against the course aims and learning outcomes. The decision on a claim rests with the Course Leader, subject to confirmation by the Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies and Academic Registrars’ Office. Students need to have enrolled on the course before a claim for APL can be assessed.

A candidate who has met all the minimum admission requirements will be interviewed to ensure that the candidate is fully aware of the requirements of the course and has demonstrated interest and motivation to the course. The interview Panel consists of a Course Leader and a member of the Course Team. There is a standard process and criteria for the interview and the notes of the interview will be kept as evidence. The Interview Panel will decide whether to make a candidate an offer (conditional or unconditional) or to reject the application.

The application process consists of submission of an application form, and, if the minimum criteria are met, an interview with the applicant is conducted by a panel of 2-3 members of the course team, including normally the course leader. The purpose of the interview is to:

i  confirm the appropriateness of the first degree and/or relevant work experience

ii diagnose the level of readiness of the applicant for the course, and where appropriate making recommendations for how they might prepare

iii counsel the student on whether the course is a good fit for them, and clarify expectations about the course..

The outcome of the interview will be either:

a unconditional offer

b conditional offer – based on some requirement to be completed before enrolment such as passing the IELTS test

c rejection on the basis of incompatibility of the student with the course on the basis of the criteria outlined above (appropriateness of degree and/or experience, level of readiness of the student for the course and level of appropriateness of the course for the student)


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