WIUT students participated in a seminar

Published in News WIUT Archive 2017

From 8 to 10 February, 2017, Regional Dialogue conducted a three day seminar in Tashkent with the title: "The investigation and considerations of criminal cases related to drug trafficking".


The seminar was conducted in cooperation with national partners: Research Center under the Supreme Court, General Prosecutor's Office and Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Uzbekistan and included representatives of judiciary, the prosecutor's office, and defense bar, as well as law students from Westminster University in Tashkent. The training sessions explored U.S. investigation and prosecution procedures for drug related crimes, sharing best practices and challenges through discussion, a mock guilty plea negotiation and hearing. It was followed by a discussion on sentencing guidelines and US model of judicial supervision of electronic surveillance.

Both theoretical part and practical exercises were very interactive. Plea bargaining in drug or corruption cases was of specific interest to the participants. Uzbekistan is currently working on the implementation of judicial reforms which aim to introduce new approaches in criminal processes.

I was very excited to participate in the conference. During these 3 days I have obtained criminal procedural skills, knowledge on this area and huge amount of good emotions. Regional Dialogue team, Thank you for such useful experience!

Biloliddin Ansoriddinov, student