A Language Policy Project at WIUT

Published in Archive 2016-2017

WIUT is a multilingual environment in which Uzbek, English and Russian as well as the first spoken languages of some of the students all have a role to play on campus, inside and outside the classroom. In such a rich language ecology there can be misunderstandings not only about what language is expected / appropriate in what context but also relating to the various identities projected by the language choices made by students, academic and non-academic staff. Despite the variety of languages used, the university does not have an explicit language policy. In order to develop such a policy, some prior research needs to be carried out.
The objective of the Language Policy Project is to: carry out fieldwork in order to explore the ‘lived reality’ of language at WIUT; develop a credible and workable statement on language (a language policy); explore the issue of language planning in this unusual language environment as an object of research in itself. The research will be based on questionnaires and interviews with academic and non-academic staff and with students. On the basis of the gathered data and a thorough analysis of it, a language policy for WIUT will be proposed to the executive board in the academic year 2017-2018.
The adoption of an explicit language policy for WIUT will be led by Professor Andrew Linn (UoW, project director) and two research assistants, Anastasiya Bezborodova and Saida Radjabzade (WIUT, Global English department).