Orientation week was successfully ended! Featured

Published in Archive 2016-2017

Every year, at the end of the Orientation week, WIUT backyard turns into an arena of colourful events. Freshmen present their groups to mentors and professors through fascinating performances. Students spent five days learning, trying to quickly integrate into the learning process and getting acquainted with each other.

One of the CIFS students Fazilatkhon Kayumova said, "The Orientation week was unforgettable and really fun. During these 5 days I got the chance to join the WIUT family. I was listening to presentations and preparing for the group perfomance. I am grateful to all staff members that they met us in a friendly and warm atmosphere and made everything to make our first week easier. I made a lot of new friends. So, now I am ready to study, I am full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence".

Temur Jalilov, CIFS student, also added, "I have been here for one week and I have experineced the magnificient feelings, for example, teacher's knowledge, as well as students, and very friendly society, helpful administration, and studying system is quite different comparing to other universities. I believe that this University will help me to succeed in both social and academic lives."