How to generate business ideas? Featured

Published in Archive 2016-2017

O11C8539 min minOn 11th of October Botir Arifdjanov - the founder of Paynet, LeBazar, Payme, Click and many other successful start-ups – held a thought-provoking guest lecture dedicated to topic “How to find a business idea?”

The session began with the presentation where the speaker emphasized the “business idea”, its characteristics as well the functions of that particular idea, the actions before launching into the real business like testing and targeting and other crucial aspects. The lecturer shared his experience during studies and success-failure business stories also left time for questions by WIUT students.

Botir Arifdjanov sincerely and openly answered the questions that were related to different aspects of business such as his first ideas before launching Paynet, his opinion upon spheres for possible lucrative start-ups in the country, team motivation methods and other curious questions.

It was amazing to witness the engagement of more than 70 students from the first moments of the presentation to the last words of the speaker. WIUT always encourages students’ aspirations and will continue to invite such outstanding representatives of business sphere for motivation, advice and discussions.