World Rubik's Cube Championship at WIUT Featured

Published in Archive 2016-2017

On the 14th of October the First Rubik's Cube Uzbekistan Championship was held at Westminster International University in Tashkent. This Championship was organized by World Cube Association (WCA) that promotes speed cubing.The Event was hosted by Ron Van Bruchem – WCA representative, Hanneke Rijksand Ravshanbek Abdullaev, WIUT student.

More than 80 people registered for the participation as it was open for everyone interested in sped cubing.  All the money contributet went to charity "Warm Heart Foundation". There were 7 main disciplines to take part in such as 5x5 Cube, 4x4 Cube, Skewb, Pyraminx, Rubik's Cube, 2x2 Cube and one of the most thrilling was Rubik's Cube Blindfolded. Time limits for each of the disciplines were from 1 minute to 6 minutes. However all the results either the fastest or the slowest were taken into account and each participant received Certificate of attendance.

The Championship is not only for the puzzle assembly in given time but also communication with other participants, an incentive to improve results, to study new methods and algorithms since it is known to be one puzzle with an endless amount of ways to solve it.

There are other not-so-obvious advantages to solving the Rubik's cube that indirectly help one brain become sharper and  bettering hand to eye co-ordination. Besides this activity will improve the patience, focus in the process and increase learning capacity.

WIUT encourages new activities that require a certain amount of concentration and dedication for improving brain work as well as analytical and abstract skills. This is definitely one of the activities to try in life and get proud of solving the perfect puzzle.