Liberalization of Uzbekistan’s monetary policy Featured

Published in Archive 2016-2017
On November 1st, in the framework of the "Globalization and Sustainable Development Course",  WIUT students discussed "Advantages and Disadvantages of Liberalization of Uzbekistan’s monetary policy", hosted by the guest expert Timur Ishmetov (First Deputy Chairman of Central Bank) and Dr. Sodyq Safoev (First deputy Chairman of the Senate of Republic of Uzbekistan).
Students gave informative, brilliant and argumentative presentations. They covered economic, business and legal topics on monetary liberalization. The main intrigue of the event was to find an answer on question if Liberalization of the Uzbekistan's Monetary Policy  brings more advantages or disadvantages. After the hot discussion followed by presentations, the main argument was comprehensively explained by the field expert Timur Ishmetov.

Students' teams led by Khumoyun Abdumavlonov and Doston Nortojiev shared their point of view and opinions. There also was a quiz during the session. So students made preliminary reading to evaluate and refine the topic.