"Self Optimism in the Era of collectivistic pessimism" with Otabek Makhkamov Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

On 11th of January Westminster International University in Tashkent welcomed Otabek Mahkamov. Otabek Mahkamov is a well-known lawyer, journalist,actor and blogger,radio announcer. He delivered a speech on theme of "Self Optimism in the Era of collectivistic pessimism".
During his lecture to WIUT students he talked about the role of optimism in everyone's life. He emphasized that the main principle in the way of achieving goals is having positive view about our life.

One of the WIUT students Sarvinozkhon Nematkhonova shared her impressions: "Otabek Mahkamov greatly explained effects of positive worldview and inspired students to achieve their goals with optimistic thinking. He shared with students his life practice and became a model to some of them." 

Students enjoyed the lecture and asked many interesting quetions regarding the topic of the lecture and lecturer's life practice.