Following the tradition of promoting high quality international education, Westminster International University in Tashkent organized an annual “Master’s Day” on May 4, 2018 where specialists across wide range of disciplines had a chance to embrace educational opportunities in the postgraduate programs offered at WIUT. The event was quite interactive in the way that most participants were actively engaged in learning detailed information about postgraduate programs at WIUT.
What’s more, this year’s “Master’s Day” brought together alumni of postgraduate programs at WIUT who highlighted the importance of master programs both in their personal and professional development. The alumni specifically noted that postgraduate programs offered at WIUT are exclusive in the way that the programs attempt to combine a content which is relevant both in Uzbekistan and internationally.
The participants of Master’s Day were also given a tour of Learning Resource Center and Sport Center by WIUT where they explored variety of resources available for them to take advantage for development.

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