WIUT students in London Featured

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This year selected WIUT students were able to take part in the conference organized by Democratic Education Network of University of Westminster (UoW) under the topic: “Global Crisis, Local Voices” on the 11th and 12th May, 2018. The two-day event hosted a range of talks, presentations, exhibitions, live musical and theatrical performances, as well as plenty of opportunities to meet and network with both local and international students.

In order to bring out different voices (from a range of diverse perspectives) undergraduate and masters students from around the world were encouraged to discuss the challenges and responses to this new phase of globalization and present on topics related to the issue such as: economics, political science, international relations, international security, gender and sexuality, international institutions, international development, sociology, social policy, media studies, philosophy, comparative literature, international law, criminology, and cultural studies.

Presentation topics were quite significant and covered global issues around the world: level of corruption in African countries, violation of human rights in India, military conflict in Afghanistan and its consequences. Next day students of UOW delivered probably the most impressive and fantastic play about racial, geographical and gender bias which was followed by memorable tour to City of London (financial centre of London).

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