Nizom Kadirov

Deputy Rector on Social Affairs

Nizom Kadirov has been Deputy rector on Social Affairs of WIUT since 2005. He studied Physics at the Tashkent State University and Economics at the Tashkent State Economic University. He gained his MEd Educational Management at the University of Manchester.


1993-1997 / Tashkent State University Physics (Diploma)

2006 / Tashkent State Economic University (BSBA)

2008 / Manchester University (UK) MEd

Work experience

1993-2002 / National Security Service / Officer

2002-2015 / Westminster International University in Tashkent / Deputy Rector on Students Affairs

Student Support Services:

  • Teaching and Educational Interests
  • Teaching Interests
  • Business, Marketing
  • Teaching Responsibilities
  • Tutor

Teaching Projects/Achievements

Teaching seminars “Advanced Topics of Marketing”, “Knowledge, Innovation and New Product Development”, “Foundation of Economics”, “Retail Management” and “Context of Business”

Research Interests

Economics and business

+998(71) 238 74 00
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