Foundation and Undergraduate Courses

What are the programs/courses at your University?
  • Certificate of International Foundation Studies (CIFS) (Level 3)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics with Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Law
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems
What is the tuition fee for each program/course?
Can I transfer to your University?
Can I easily find the job when I finish your university?
Does the university provide scholarships?
Can I register for the math entrance exam if do not have IELTS certificate?
How can I apply for Math entrance exam?
What is the requirement for the math entrance exam?
What documents should I need to apply?
How many times I can take math entrance exam?
When can I receive the confirmation concerning my registration for the exam?
When the math entrance exam results will be announced?
How and when can I appeal if I am not satisfied with my results?
Can you help me with a tutor?
Do you have any training courses at the university?
Can go abroad if I apply to WIUT?
How can I register to Work & Travel? Give me the detailed information.
Do you have an accommodation inside the university?
I would like to see your university from inside. Is it possible?
Can I apply for Undergraduate courses if I finish NCUK Foundation?
Can I have any information about a student?
I would like to meet with Rector, Dean or Lecture?

Postgraduate Courses

Is a WIUT diploma eligible outside of Uzbekistan?

Yes. On completion of study, a WIUT graduate is awarded a diploma by the University of Westminster (London) without mention of WIUT. The diploma is internationally recognized as a British degree.

What’s TOEFL equivalent of IELTS?
Will I be able to combine my work with the study?
What is the difference between MA and MBA?
Why do I need a master’s degree?
How is the WIUT LLM adopted to Uzbek legislation?