The University of Westminster (UK) assures the Academic Quality of the courses at WIUT. Students beeing registered as University of Westminster (UK) students are subject to the same Academic Regulations as those students registered in London, the same systems of academic monitoring, learning and assessment are employed in WIUT. These are subject to validation and verification, audit and review by the University of Westminster (UK) or any UK body that needs to ensure the integrity and quality of the WIUT courses. Entry requirements to WIUT are the same as the entry requirements to University of Westminster (UK). The high standard of entry and the quality of learning means that WIUT student’s average academic performance is as high if not higher than the student’s studying in the UK. English is the language of instruction and assessment at WIUT, students need to have a high level of Academic English – their ability to successfully communicate in English is a significant advantage for their future.

Quality of staff

Certainly, the qualitative education can only be provided by staff quality. Therefore, WIUT has a comprehensive staff professional development programme and a research strategy that encourages staff to be at the forefront of their subject. WIUT enables its staff to continue their professional development overseas, through in-house programmes in partnership with colleagues in the UK and has launched the only professional Post Graduate course for teachers. It encourages Research and the application of research into teaching, the publication of research and the development and application of research into practice. WIUT staff are unique and dynamic individuals who are committed to developing their professional practice and therefore ensure the highest quality of learning for students.