Math Exams

WIUT Math Exam is one of the main testing tools assesing candidates who plan to enter or transfer to WIUT. Examination is held in English and lasts for 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Equivalents to WIUT Math Exam are: SAT, GCSE, WIUT Basic of Quantitative Skills in Quantitative Methods module at level 2 (pre-university


WIUT Scholarship Programme to be defined as a 100% fee waiver offered to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan entering WIUT at level 3. 
30 scholarship places are available at level 3. In order to keep scholarship privileges, students have to demonstrate top performance. The performance is determined by the CIFS certificate with merit or distinction (foundation level) or by the Dean's List (for all undergraduate degree levels). Failing to comply with the above leads to withdraw the scholarship.


To get more information write to or call (+998 71) 238 74 00