University Certificate of Special Study in Teaching and Learning (UoW awarded)


University Certificate of Special Study in Teaching and Learning (UoW awarded), was launched in 2007 and it aims at teachers who want to develop their skills while continuing in their current careers. The course is based around reflection gained through the professional experience.


University Certificate of Special Study in Teaching and Learning course, awarded by the University of Westminster (London), is intended for practicing teachers who want to improve their professional skills. It is made up of a single Level 7, 20 credit core module: ‘ Theory and Practice of Supporting Learning’.

The course provides a solid foundation in key issues in teaching, learning and assessment and classroom management.

Course Aims

  • To equip participants with knowledge and skills to enhance their students’ learning;
  • To provide opportunities to explore notions of effective teaching, learning and assessment;
  • To encourage a reflective approach within their practice to improve performance through feedback;
  • To facilitate the enhancement and recognition of teaching skills;
  • To provide opportunities for module participants to critically evaluate their own practice in the light of a range of educational theories and in the light of their findings through their observation of colleagues;

Admission to the Course

To be admitted to the course candidates have to be able to satisfy the following conditions:

1. Have a higher education or professional qualification
2. Have an appropriate English language proficiency, equivalent to overall score 6.5 in IELTS. Prior study in English can also be considered, subject to the evidence provided.
3. Be in full- or part-time employment as a practicing teacher, a teaching assistant or a specialist supporting learning.

Evidence of the above should be submitted during the admission process.
All applicants will be formally interviewed to review the evidence that they meet the criteria above and to determine their professional capability and the extent to which they could benefit from the course.

Indicative syllabus content

The course content covers the following areas: Theory and practice of teaching, learning and assessment Reflective practice and continuing professional development. The module will be delivered through face-to-face classes and number of independent study activities. 48 hours of 24 weekly sessions are organised. These sessions will involve a range of student-focused learning activities.

Assessment rationale

The assessment of the module is 100 percent course work. This is an appropriate approach to assessment of work-based learning. You will be required to demonstrate that you are reflecting on your practice, that you are critically evaluating aspects of your work, in the light of the literature and that you are developing plans for improving your practice and identifying your ongoing continuing professional development needs.

The CW is a Portfolio and you are required to produce a course work over a period of two semesters, and then present a final submission as stipulated. The CW is specifically designed to be process-orientated for you to digest, reflect on, evaluate and re-define ideas and practices.

Once marked you will be given written feedback. An option of oral feedback on request is also available.


All applicants must apply through