You have made a decision to apply to Westminster International University in Tashkent. In order to be considered for admission you should make sure that you have met the minimum admission requirements and followed all the steps to become a student.

First of all, you need to make it clear for yourself which course you wish to choose. If you are applying directly after completion of school/lyceum/college then only the Certificate of International Foundation Studies (CIFS – level 3) course is available for you – more information of CIFS course is available here.
If you have already studied at any university before (not necessarily completed it) then you can also apply for direct entry to undergraduate courses - more information on the undergraduate courses is available here.
If you already hold a bachelor degree then you can also consider applying for the postgraduate courses at WIUT - more information on the postgraduate courses is available here.
Once you have made the decision about your course you need to fill in the WIUT application form at website – instructions are available here.
After filling in the application form you will be provided with username and password to the WIUT admission system. You will need to provide evidence of meeting the minimum admission requirements for the course, which you have selected, in this system.
If you are applying to the CIFS course or the Undergraduate course, then you will need to provide evidence of your mathematical ability – must be equivalent to the GCSE level in the UK (minimum pass mark is C). If you do not have GCSE mathematics certificate, then you may consider registering to the WIUT mathematics entrance exam through the admission system.
Provided that you have uploaded all the documentary evidence of meeting the minimum admission requirements into the system, your application will be considered by the WIUT admission board. The decision of the board can be either issue of unconditional offer or conditional offer or refuse admission in case, for example, if you did not meet the minimum requirements.
An Unconditional offer made by the board means that there are no further academic requirements that you need to meet. If an unconditional offer is issued, then you will be notified of this through the personal cabinet in the admission system.
A Conditional offer means that there are still requirements that you need to meet before you can be considered as eligible for admission. If a conditional offer is issued, then you will be notified of this through the personal cabinet in the admission system. You need to make sure that you fulfil the additional requirements by the dates specified in order to be considered for the unconditional offer.
A refusal of admission means that you cannot be considered for the current academic year and you will need to apply for the next admission cycle.
Once you get a notification of the receipt of the Unconditional offer you will need to pay the contract and fulfil the administrative requirements that would be communicated to you through the Unconditional pack or through your personal cabinet in the WIUT admission system. The administrative requirements might include enrolment, module registration, submission of documents etc. If you fail to meet the administrative requirements your Unconditional offer may be revoked or deferred to the next admission cycle.
If you wish to decline the Unconditional offer you should notify the University as early as possible either as an official letter or by email to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .