Albina Fakhrutdinova
Associate Lecturer


2017 - University Certificate of Special Study in Teaching and Learning, WIUT
2015 - MA Linguistics (The English language), The Uzbek State World Languages University
2012– BA English Philology/ IELTE department (Institute for English Language Teacher Education), The Uzbek State World Languages University
2011 - Zertifikat (Hochschul-Sommerkurs), European Business College/did-deutsch-insitut


Basics of English for Academic Purposes


  • “New Approaches to Literary Text Analysis”. Collection of Scientific-Methodological Articles of “Hozirgi Zamon Tilshunosligida Kognitiv Lingvo madaniyatshunoslik va Gender Tilshunosligi Yunalishlariga Doir Masalalar”. II-Conference, pp.99-101. Uzbek State World Languages University: Tashkent., 2013
  • “Literary Text as a Cultural Unit”. Collection of Scientific-Methodological Articles of “Modern Linguistics, Literature, -Translation and Problems in Teaching of Foreign Languages” III - Conference, pp.17-19 . Uzbek State World Languages University: Tashkent., 2014
  • “This is how I teach vocabulary”. ALT FL in Uzbekistan, 7, Tashkent.,2017
  • Literary portrait as a means of text conceptualization in the English language (MA thesis)
  • Livening up English content-based class through cooperative learning tasks (BA qualification paper)
  • “Web Quest: a tool to discover new material ”, ALT FL Journal (WIUT) in Uzbekistan (Forthcoming Volume 11, May, 2018)

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