Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Featured

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On November 13, 2018 the Course of Pre-foundation Studies (CPFS) hosted a guest lecturer, Dr.Manu Lekunze who delivered a talk on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism. The guest lecture was organized by the CPFS Students’ Union and the Course Administration. The lecture was primarily aimed at developing academic writing and research skills among CPFS students who take the initial steps in acquiring those. During the lecture Dr.Lekunze focused on difficulties while avoiding plagiarism and provided some interesting hints on how to deal with citations.

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Undeniably, it was a good opportunity for students to communicate with one of the professionals of science from the UK and invaluable experience for their future at Westminster International University in Tashkent. After a lecture, students from CPFS had a chance to take some pictures with the lecturer and give the interview for the national television.
Dr. Lekunze has the extensive experience in the education sector in the UK. He has held roles in teaching, research, student recruitment and Academic Integrity. He has taught at various levels with over three years’ experience in Higher Education. His research interest is in the use of computational modelling in the study of security as an emergent property of a complex system.


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