Launch of LRC Digital Library Featured

Published in Archive 2017-2018

LRC Digital Library  launched on January 19, is an electronic platform for more than 300 e-books, e-journals and final projects and it is not the limit. LRC staff is striving to increase the visibility and opportunities for researchers. From the very beginning, the WIUT LRC has taken an advantage of the latest technology in creating digital catalogues for faster and easier access to its resources.

Updated and high demanded materials are being downloaded on a weekly basis by LRC staff members. Digital library e-book collection contains hundreds of titles covering key subject areas in Business studies and Marketing, Business Information Systems and Technology, Economics and Finance, Law and Commercial Law, Mathematics, English for Academic Purposes and Teaching and even fiction books.  Interface is user-friendly and the most informative due to a number of running lines with news and promo photos. 

The library of WIUT is similar to the library of Westminster University in London. WIUT does not put any restrictions on usage of library facilities. All visitors have an open access to all available resources. The platform also maintains electronic versions of LRC high demanded printed materials.