Research Seminar by Bekhzod Khoshimov Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

On 10th January 2019, Bekhzod Khoshimov visited Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) to present his research on the topic: Human capital investments of student-entrepreneurs.

Bekhzod is currently Ph.D. student at Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin, Madison. His research interests focus on entrepreneurship, human capital, labor economics, economics of innovations.

Since May 2016, Bekhzod is Research Associate at Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship (Wisconsin School of Business). Since December 2017, Bekhzod is opinion writer for Bekhzod is member of Coordination Council of NGO “Buyuk Kelajak”.

Below you can find abstract of his paper.

Human capital investments of student-entrepreneurs

This paper applies signaling theory to student entrepreneurship to explain the human capital development of entrepreneurs. A formal model postulates that student-entrepreneurs are more likely to allocate time and effort to maximize productivity in self-employment instead of in generating a signal of ability to employers and graduate schools. In terms of grades, this means that entrepreneurs exhibit higher dispersion in grades as compared to their job-seeking and advanced degree-seeking peers. Using survey data combined with detailed administrative data of undergraduate students enrolled at a major Midwestern university, we find support for our model. While controlling for class difficulty and individual ability, we find that student-entrepreneurs exhibit greater within dispersion in GPA than their peers. To the extent that grades are an indicator of knowledge acquired, this research implies that the skills of student-entrepreneurs may be less specialized than indicated by prior research.