“The Candidate” Summer School Featured

Published in Archive 2017-2018

WIUT Leader’s way held a summer project - 11 day Summer School called “THE CANDIDATE”, the aim of which was to give students an opportunity to learn how to present themselves to the prospective employer and at the same time to find their dream job.

Lessons were delivered not only by (the school organizers are Diana Khutsishvili and Imran Safarov/Westminster staff), but specialists from outside of the university, such as, Nargiza Baymirzayeva-head of HR of Anglesey food, Farruh Fatkhullaev- head of HR from CNH industrial. The school started with the lecture on how to review the labor market, and ended with a little event- the speed dating elevator pitch, where industry representatives were invited. The simulation lasted 5 minutes on each student, during of which a student tried to sell his/her candidature to their potential future employers. Within the framework of the summer school several people got an invitation for a job.