WIUT lecturer appointed as court member at ICC International Court of Arbitration Featured

Published in Archive 2017-2018

Westminster International University is happy to share that our lecturer Firuza Bobokulova was appointed as a court member at ICC International Court of Arbitration. International Court of Arbitration is the world’s leading arbitral institution established in Paris, France that has been existing since 1923.

This is the first time in the history for a member being appointed from Uzbekistan. As such, Firuza may get involved as an arbitrator in, usually, multi-million worth international commercial disputes for, at least, coming three years. Firuza did her both Bachelors and Masters at WIUT and have been teaching at Commercial Law Course for 5 years.


As she told in her interview she always strived for becoming professional in law. "In my childhood I always dreamt about becoming a journalist or someone like this. I mean I did not know for sure whom to become and I was kind of jumping from one profession to another. However, when I was studying at school, I always wanted to become an international journalist and additionally I was always interested in law. But as years passed my interest in the social subjects grew higher and higher. Furthermore, I was always very much interested in English language. But later it happened so that I regularly participated in different kind of competitions at school like subject olympiada etc.

So I participated in all of them, in all subjects. And I always took the first places. However since my major interest was English I wanted to participate mainly in competitions of this subject, but once my law teacher came and asked me to participate in the competition in law and he said: “With only language I would not succeed much, if I knew the language and I had some kind of another specialty in that case I would go further.” Then I thought for a while and I agreed and took part at that competition at school level and later I started preparing for the city level.

My teacher was a really great teacher, he did very good job in terms of preparing. While preparing, I had to learn all the articles of the Constitution by heart, I had to read a lot of laws and during this process I became more and more interested in law and then I took part in those several competitions related to law. I always got the first places. After some time “love” appeared, and I felt that knowing law and becoming a lawyer, someone specialist in law would give me much more than the journalist or something else. Hence by that time I had already fallen in love with law. After some time I went to the US and I started there as an exchange student for a year and I chose different subjects based on law and then participated also again in many different kind of competitions and at that time I felt that my path was law, I determined that law was my future.

Since childhood, I always dreamt about such university like WIUT, where there is international standard quality of education and where specializations are taught in a foreign language. When WIUT was opened I was very happy, because I was expecting so much such kind of University. Therefore, when I applied to this university and when I was finishing my CIFS year which was foundation year, my parents wanted me to choose another course, but no, because of my love to law, I chose it. Based on different case scenario, based on real life events I saw that knowledge of law could save the lives of millions people. So, law is my destiny. It has already become my life destiny."