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WIUT goes on-line

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With the most recent requirements from the Special Republican Commission to Prevent the Outbreak and Spread of COVID-19 in Uzbekistan, WIUT has transitioned fully to an online teaching and learning mode.

WIUT’s official website and Coronavirus response webpage are the primary source of information and updates related to the University operations. The University communicates all updates across the various channels available.

WIUT understands that during this period of transition to online instruction, the faculty and student support have the ever-increased responsibility of offering as much guidance and assistance to students as possible. WIUT continues to put its best efforts to deliver the highest standards of student experience and quality education.

All teaching activity is now delivered on WIUT’s Intranet-based Learning Management System to allow students to continue their studies remotely. Students should take due responsibility for following their respective modules – lectures, seminars and other supporting materials - and completing all assignments as per schedule. For additional assistance and support, faculty staff is available for contact during normal working hours by University e-mail.

Additionally, the University has geared up to offer comprehensive support to students:

Learning Resources

Learning Resources Centre has prepared the following actions to support distance learning mode for students:

Digital library: all students have access to digital library ( which includes the collection of the most demanded textbooks and other useful learning materials. Students need to log into the platform to download a copy of an e-book. The Digital Library collection is expecting additional 65 e-books as recommended by academic staff members. (For details contact: Lola Shadmanova, Abbos Utkirov- Blended Learning Specialists, 71 238-74-20)

Electronic databases subscription is available for access off-campus through the: Moreover, there are Open Access sources listed in the Intranet/University Library/Online Resources (For details contact: Khamid Inomkhojaev, Anvar Alimbaev, Kamola Ibragimova- Knowledge Management specialists- 71 2387420)

Educational videos are being recorded by LRC staff to supporting effective usage of databases and access details. They will shortly be available on and announced through the official WIUT channels. For any queries students may email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic Support

Academic Support Office continues to provide support in the key areas of academic advice, study skills support (with increased focus on online learning mode), academic English, quantitative skills in the following ways:

Telephone: Students can contact Academic Support Center during normal working hours at +998 71 2387432 to ask their questions via phone.

E-mail: Students can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and expect a reply within 24 hours of the inquiry. Students are free to ask questions and clarifications for matters that they approach for one-on-one sessions.

Virtual advice: During scheduled sessions announced in the Calendar on Academic Learning Support page on Intranet, academic support officers will be offering video-audio-conferencing support using Zoom application. A video-audio-conference permits up to 100 attendees, so normal registration rules apply. In a video-conference session students will be able to address their questions live to academic support officers.

Online Forum: A more streamlined forum is made available for the students on Academic Support Office’s intranet page to ask questions to the relevant academic support officer. The forum allows threads to be created by students in which they can ask questions, while students who have similar or identical questions can review already created threads.

Recorded Video Lectures: Academic Support Office is designing materials that will be in video format allowing for a more blended approach to teaching. Materials will include skill-based development required for current change in assessment submission – students will be provided more details on writing reports and formatting. Additional materials will be created if questions on the Forum will be difficult to answer in that format.

Information Support

Ask.WIUT operates a range of channels to communicate students and allow students to contact the University:

Website: WIUT website is the key source of official information. Additionally a COVID-19 webpage has been created to provide updates related to the University’s response and efforts to prevent the spread of infection among its students, staff and the wider population. provides information to student and staff about quarantine measures imposed in the University and general info about coronavirus in three languages (English, Uzbek and Russian).

Telephone: Students can contact Information Center during normal working hours at +998 712027373, 712387474 to ask their questions via phone.

Ask.WIUT page on Intranet: All students may submit requests for documents verified by the University or their electronic copy through Ask.WIUT page on WIUT Intranet, as per the normal procedures.

E-mail: Students can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and expect a reply within 24 hours of the inquiry. Students can address questions, clarify the readiness of their requested paperwork, or clarify the format of the paperwork requested. Ask.WIUT officers can provide the scanned version of the document through the student’s WIUT email.

Telegram bot:  WIUT continues to publish all important information through the @WestTimesBot . Additionally a separate channel has been created for WIUT students and staff, where users can address question concerning COVID-19 protection measures at WIUT -  @WIUTNoCovidBot.

FAQ is being designed to address the most frequent queries with the University. It will soon be on WIUT website page.

Website Live Chat: WIUT Support Service works during normal working hours and WIUT staff answer any questions related to WIUT.

Psychological Support

The outbreak of COVID-19 and various other surrounding factors may be stressful. To help students cope with stress the University offers psychological support online through a video-call and by telephone line. Students may contact WIUT’s psychologist during normal working hours at:  +99871 2387464 to get an appointment for a video or telephone consultation.

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