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Scholarship Update

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Dear Applicants,

Please see below the WIUT’s scholarship conditions for 2020-2021 Academic Year

  • WIUT normally offers 30 scholarships on annual basis to support most talented applicants from Uzbekistan as part of its social responsibility strategy. These scholarships are covered from WIUT’s own financial resources and, therefore, the Executive Team of the University makes decision on number of available scholarships based on the financial position of WIUT;
  • WIUT Scholarship Programme to be defined as a 100% fee waiver offered to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan entering WIUT at level 3;
  • Only those applicants, who indicated their desire to receive the scholarship at the point of application to the University, will be considered for the WIUT scholarship program;
  • WIUT Scholarship is to be offered based on performance in English, (IELTS scores only) and the WIUT Entrance exam in mathematics: The principle is a weighted score of 60% IELTS and 40% Mathematics; IELTS Indicator score results are not accepted for the purpose of Scholarship;
  • As a response to the current circumstance related to COVID-19 Global outbreak, those seeking WIUT’s full scholarship shall take On-line Math Entrance Exam administered and offered by WIUT. Detailed information on this Exam is available here;
  • There may be an additional selection stage for the scholarship applicants which will be communicated to the top 100 Scholarship seeking applicants (based on IELTS and on-line WIUT Math Entrance Exam results) directly through WIUT communication channels;
  • After all selection stages only top thirty applicants who performed the highest scores will be granted scholarship. According to the University Policy, if a candidate refuses to study within the top thirty, his/her scholarship offer shall not be transferred to any other candidate beyond the top thirty;
  • 30 scholarship places are available at level 3 and in order to keep scholarship privileges at next levels, students have to demonstrate top performance. The performance is determined by the CIFS certificate with merit or distinction (foundation level) or by the Dean's List (for all undergraduate degree levels). Failing to comply with the above leads to withdrawal of the scholarship;
  • According to the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan (№ 417, June 2, 2018), the statute about the procedure on enrolling handicapped students on the basis of additional scholarship places in all HE institutions has been adopted. Supporting government’s initiative WIUT allocates 2 places for such category of people from 2020-2021 academic year;
  • 3 scholarship places are also available for students who completed full-term military service in the army but with the condition, a student progresses to the next level. Otherwise, the scholarship for such category of students is withdrawn as well;
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