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Biennale Exhibition

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On 13th of November 2019, Westminster International University in Tashkent organized an exhibition celebrating Uzbek traditional heritage, ‘GENERATION OF INDEPENDENCE: My Country – My Inspiration’. The exhibition was part of the 2nd International Biennale of Applied Arts 2019, devoted to the year of Active Investments and Social Development.

The exhibition featured works of art by WIUT students, who are also members of art and photography clubs. The event showcased University students’ interest not only in academic disciplines but also in arts, including canvases, graphics, photography, and installations.

In total, over a hundred photographs and art projects were presented at the exhibition. Among these was a joint project with the students of the Kamoliddin Behzod National Institute of Fine Arts and Design, and students from the Historical Costumes Department at the Republican Specialized Art School, as well as a runway show of traditional regional costumes of the Republic of Uzbekistan, both modeled and designed by University students.

In support of and to further develop the five strategic initiatives set by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the executive board of WIUT endeavors to support students’ participation in the world of arts. Ulugbek Meylikov, Head of the Photography club, and Oybek Kosimov and Khayrulla Kosimov, executives of the ‘Art Club’ regularly contribute to the enhancement of creative thinking, familiarising students with techniques to blend traditional and modern styles.

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