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Graduation Ceremony 2019

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Annual Graduation Ceremony is the most exciting and memorable event for the graduates of Westminster International University in Tashkent. This year’s 15th Graduation Ceremony manifested the conclusion of a long path and the start of a new one for those graduating. The traditional commencement ceremony took place on November 15, 2019.

More than 700 students, from both graduate and undergraduate courses, have successfully graduated this year from WIUT.

Both WIUT staff and representatives from the University of Westminster (London) participated in the ceremony, alongside the parents and close ones of graduating students. 

Farewell speeches were delivered to graduates by heads of both universities. In his speech, WIUT Rector, Komiljon Karimov was quoted as saying: ‘We have witnessed your personal and professional development. Today, we have in front of us qualified specialists; who will contribute to the development and prosperity of our country. I believe that in the near future, we will be proud of you not only as our alumni but also as leading experts in your field of expertise.’ Vice-Chancellor of the University of Westminster (London), Peter Bonfield, continued by saying: ‘You have a bright future. Make the most of the knowledge you have acquired while studying here. Now you have an excellent foundation, which will help you to pursue your career’.

On behalf of the graduates, Zukhra Khayrullayeva, a BA Commercial Law course graduate delivered a farewell speech, expressing her deep gratitude to University executives, academic and support staff: ‘During our time at the University, we were able not only to obtain invaluable knowledge and skills in our field of expertise but also to learn to use them in practice. For this and many other things we owe you and university, which made this journey in the world of education the most engaging and memorable, a special debt’.

From its very establishment, more than 3500 students have graduated from courses at WIUT. Students of 2019 witnessed significant changes in the university: the launch of SAP and the Bloomberg Laboratory, the Center for Policy Research and Outreach and students' exchange programs with the UoW (London). Moreover, WIUT was named the first university in Uzbekistan to become a member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Development and changes at the university continue to contribute to the academic, creative and personal development of its graduates.

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