Rauf Salakhodjaev

WIUT helped me to be who I am now.
Rauf SalakhodjaevOne of the most interesting things about working at WIUT is exposure to ideas. At the premises of our university, we regularly hold research seminars, guest lectures and other scholarly events that allow me to be at the center of the boiling academic research environment that University has created. As a result, I can also share my research findings with my colleagues and our students.

The second one is a supportive management. Many local universities are frequently described by very deep-rooted vertical management system. While at WIUT the management team is very supportive and they are always ready to help you with any requests you have and, at the same time, listen to your suggestions. I believe this is one of key features of the Western education system.

WIUT strives to nurture high quality graduates, who can be at the top of their competition at a local labour market. Moreover, as any academic institution, WIUT is also oriented towards being one of the research gravitations centers in Uzbekistan. Therefore, my contribution to this task is to be engaged in high quality research that allows me to increase external collaborations with scholars both within and outside of Uzbekistan.

I think what surprises most people about WIUT is various courses that the University offers, both academic and extra curriculum. These courses allow our students to develop not only hard (academic) skills but also soft skills such as leadership, empathy, cooperation and team work.

Apart from that local scholars are surprised by such diverse research papers that our professors publish in international peer-reviewed journals.
I would advise a job seeker, who is thinking about applying for a job at WIUT, to make sure he/she is ready to work in a very dynamic and result-oriented environment. As at WIUT, our main task is to constantly improve the quality of our work – teaching, management, research and so on. Therefore, the person needs to have motivation and passion for this work.