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Mr. Babur Yusupov was invited to WIUT to conduct a guest lecture on the insights of Investment Banking. Mr. Yusupov has previously worked for 9 years at Deutsche Bank London Capital Markets. He was invited on the behalf of the WIUT Finance Club, which aims to cover the fundamentals of equity valuation, bond pricing and critically analyse the phenomenon of financial decision-making.

The lecture was held on 12th of January at 17:00. The topic was “Debunking Myths of Investment Banking”. The structure of the lecture was the following: a 30-minute presentation by Mr. Yusupov and an interactive 20-minute Q&A session. The audience was fully engaged and asked a range of open-ended questions from the liquidity of European banks to the improving investment climate of Uzbekistan.

Here are some reviews of the event provided by the students:

“It was an unforgettable guest lecture, which was inspiring to most of us. Now I understand, that there are many opportunities to improve ourselves by securing internships. I realized the gains of studying hard at the university, which is hugely important for providing us a theoretical foundation for future work placements” (Aybek Jalelov, CIFS student).

“The lector’s knowledge about economics and finance is on another level. The way how Mr. Yusupov communicated and answered the questions was fascinating. Generally, I found the lecture very useful not only in terms of becoming acquainted with the  investment banking but also in terms of public speaking and approach to people” (Shokhjakhon Khudoynazarov, CIFS student).

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Dear compatriots, dear friends,

On behalf of the Westminster International University in Tashkent we congratulate you with the upcoming Day of Defenders of the Motherland!

We wish you sincere smiles inside your souls, good health, confidence, courageous and well-thought-out decisions, and luck in all your endeavours. Let new, brave ideas lead you to success and brilliant victories!

May the World be in Peace!

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In honour of the Day of Defenders of the Motherland, which is celebrated on 14th of January,  WIUT students organized a concert. Traditionally, all male students and WIUT co-workers are congratulated on January 12th.

The Day of Defenders of the Motherland is a wonderful public holiday. In celebration of this event, WIUT Lyceum has invited the orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  All the guests were impressed by the orchestra's performance of classic and modern Uzbek music. During the event veterans of the University were awarded with the memorable presents by the WIUT administration.

Students also performed national and contemporary dances. At the end of the event female students prepared some interesting quizzes and contests for male students.

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On 11th of January Westminster International University in Tashkent welcomed Otabek Mahkamov. Otabek Mahkamov is a well-known lawyer, journalist,actor and blogger,radio announcer. He delivered a speech on theme of "Self Optimism in the Era of collectivistic pessimism".
During his lecture to WIUT students he talked about the role of optimism in everyone's life. He emphasized that the main principle in the way of achieving goals is having positive view about our life.

One of the WIUT students Sarvinozkhon Nematkhonova shared her impressions: "Otabek Mahkamov greatly explained effects of positive worldview and inspired students to achieve their goals with optimistic thinking. He shared with students his life practice and became a model to some of them." 

Students enjoyed the lecture and asked many interesting quetions regarding the topic of the lecture and lecturer's life practice.

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by Dilshod Ibragimov


The capability of incorporating data from different sources into the decision making process is, nowadays, essential for Business Intelligence (BI) applications. Huge amounts of data available on the Web call for more active use of these data to provide richer insights. However, due to the amount and complexity of data available on the Web, incorporation and utilization of these data pose challenges for technologies that were shaped for storing and manipulating structural data. Thus, our research presented the approach aimed at optimizing analytical queries over Resource Description Framework (RDF) sources. The research focused on data integration and data processing techniques to enable efficient execution of analytical SPARQL queries in the Semantic Web. 

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Sunday, 31 December 2017 17:59

Happy New Year!

Westminster International University in Tashkent welcomed the New Year 2018! May the New Year be bright and filled with happiness! We wish you prosperity, success, peace and new heights in your business!

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017 11:17

New Year Celebration for Children

On December 26th the University administration has greeted the children of the University and academic lyceum staff members on upcoming New Year 2018. Kids were taken on a university tour and given New Year presents from Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka. Moreover, musical performances were followed by games, which involved every child in WIUT Sport Hall.
Children were very happy and excited to dance, play games and especially to receive presents.

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Thursday, 21 December 2017 11:06

First CPFS Photo Contest

On Monday, December 18, 2017 Westminster International University in Tashkent held the first CPFS Photo Contest. The contest offered the students a chance to visually share their Pre-university learning experiences. A panel of judges chose the top photos and the prizes were awarded to the participants.

Each participant could submit a maximum of 8 photographs. These photographs reflected Students’ Life at CPFS. The photos depicted a cultural event that the students attended with their groupmates, the learning environment, or anything that revealed their everyday life as a student at CPFS.

“I strongly believe that this kind of contest can be rewarding both for tutors and students. All of the participants were satisfied with the outcomes and tutors were proud of them”, says Dilrabo, a CPFS student.

So, the success of the event has resulted in the decision of the Pre-university administration and students to arrange such an event annually.

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Westminster International University in Tashkent in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Business Women Association “Tadbirkor Ayol” delivered a one week training session focusing on “Support to managerial capacity building of female managers”. The training took place at Westminster International University in Tashkent on 11-16 December, 2017.

The main goal was to promote female entrepreneurs' and managers' understanding according to latest trends in business related issues through a high level, structured training. After completion of the course, it was expected that participants would learn to run their business more effectively, to expand their career path in administration, and to build business network. 

The training program covered such topics as: “How to conduct market and consumer analysis?”, “How to run business successfully?”, “How to recruit and motivate employees”, “How to turn an idea into a business ?”, “How to manage finances effectively?. A group of 50 individual female entrepreneurs from different regions of Uzbekistan were divided into two groups. They received training in different subject areas  including management, marketing, financial management and human resources management. All training sessions were held in Russian and Uzbek languages. On the 6th day of the training, participants prepared presentations and discussed  the skills and knowledge they have gained and how they would apply new skills in business environment.

The most active and successful 20 participants will have the opportunity to improve their qualification and to exchange experience in the leading manufacturing companies of Europe. The opening ceremony of the training seminar was held by OSCE expert in Uzbekistan, by leader of Uzbek Women’s Association “TadbirkorAyol”, by professors and business experts of Westminster International University in Tashkent, by business women and by Mass Media representatives. Under the guidance of business coaches of Westminster International University in Tashkent, a one week training seminar has started for a group of 50 female entrepreneurs on the same day.

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by Ahliddin Malikov


The lack of physical and technological infrastructure as well as low quality of human resources have led to very low rates of foreign direct investment in developing countries. Indeed, infrastructure projects require huge amounts of investment which governments in those countries cannot fund from their own budgets. Meanwhile, foreign loans from international financial institutions are often high-priced with stringent conditions. Given the importance of infrastructure development for sustainable economic growth, there is a large demand in both emerging and frontier markets for a better alternative to conventional debt instruments.  Although many developing countries have started using sovereign sukuk as a fiscal policy tool to achieve economic growth, it is still difficult to find empirical studies that demonstrate the issuance of sukuk for funding infrastructure projects has an impact on economy. Thus, this paper is an endeavour to determine whether sovereign sukuk issuances in infrastructure sector affect economic development of developing nations. The data for five years before and after infrastructure sukuk issuances in two regional sukuk leaders, namely Malaysia and Saudi Arabia were compared by conducting Paired Sample T-Test. The results indicated that there were significant differences in several economic, state financial and social well-being indicators including GDP per capita, Debt per capita, Debt to GDP ratio, Ofiicial reserves and Human Development Index.

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