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Friday, 09 September 2016 16:33

Orientation week 2016

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is pleased to welcome all new CIFS students to the “Orientation Week 2016” commencing next week to be held from 13 September to 17 September. CIFS students should attend the Induction Week on 13 September at 8:30.

The Orientation week sessions will be held in two shifts – morning and afternoon. Groups 3CIFS1-22 will have their sessions starting at 8:30. Groups 3CIFS23-42 at 13:30. Information on group allocation of CIFS students is posted at university student entry gates and was sent to everyone by university web-mail.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 16:30

Happy Independence Day!

Westminster International University in Tashkent is happy to congratulate the people of Uzbekistan on the 25th Anniversary of the Independence Day of Uzbekistan!

Over the past 25 years our country has achieved success in many spheres, which demonstrates the strong capacity for innovation and development. The establishment of our university in 2002 was one of the many achievements of the Independence and this has created opportunities for the young generation of Uzbekistan and other countries to obtain world-class higher education, highlighting the focus and tireless work of the country on the path to development and modernization.

On behalf of all our staff and students we wish people of our country the further prosperity, happiness and well-being!

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 16:16

WIUT Congratulates School Freshmen

On August 29th WIUT Social Department organized a special event dedicated to the beginning of the new school year. On this occasion, 1st year schoolchildren, along with their parents among the university staff, gathered in the main WIUT campus.

In accordance with the annual tradition, the future schoolchildren were presented by gifts consisting of essential school supplies, to assist the young scholars in their first steps into the world of education. During the event children sang songs and read poems, which they have learned by heart.

Highlighting the focus and tireless work of the country towards development and modernization, it is essential to support every new step on the path of preparing a new generation of highly educated and intellectual citizens.

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Westminster International University in Tashkent   hosted first Startup Initiation project  launched by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan with the support of the United Nations Development Project and Management Training Program of British Embassy. Event was held in the main building of Westminster International University in Tashkent. Leaders of startup-projects presented their teams and described their projects and main ideas. During the next phase of meeting, teams acquainted with each other and exchanged their opinions about the project of other teams . After coffee break Usman Raximkhodjayev, the manager of the third component of the joint project of UNDP and Chamber of Commerce "Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase 3), had speech on the topic: "Introduction to the program support "Startup Initiative", the starting intensity and organizational details . At the end of the meeting Organizers and participants discussed further steps of project development.

"Start-up Initiative" - is a comprehensive program designed to support the development of start-up ideas and projects of young scientists and students of higher educational institutions. As part of a three-month program, participants will be able to test their hypothesis, to establish minimum working models, test them in practice, study the target audience and get feedback. During the program seminars, meetings and consultations with the relevant experts on issues such as the methodology for the launch and development of start-ups, market and strategy, product and development, marketing and sales, finance and accounting, legal and tax issues, and further consultation will be  organized. Individual business mentors will support participants on all questions concerning the project development. Overall Project has three stages each lasting for about a month. The first stage is educational that includes  seminars, workshops, round table discussions with experts from the field. Attendance of  these events is mandatory for participants. Second stage is devoted to intense independent work of the project team together with the mentor and meetings with experts. The third month is given for the development of minimum operating (viable) model of the project and to the testing, identification of strategies to attract customers, establishing contacts with potential partners, work with metrics, conversion and project finance.

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Monday, 15 August 2016 17:08

Lecture on Financial Crisis

On 14th of December Sebastian Nokes gave a lecture for WIUT students and staff members. Sebastian is a partner in Aldersgate Partners, a strategic consulting and finance firm based in London, Hong Kong, Almaty, Bombay, Muscat, Dubai, Delware, Tbilisi, Tehran and Tashkent. He advises clients on strategy, corporate finance, raising capital and project and programme management. Given solid background in finance, Sebastian delivered a lecture on the topic of "The Great Financial Crisis of the West (2007 - present): what caused it, what has happened, what will happen, and what you can do to avoid being hit by the fallout".

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 16:11

2016 Summer School for Young Economists

From September 12-23, 2016, Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) will organize a Regional Training Course (Summer School) on Applied Econometric Analysis. The aim of the Summer School is to strengthen the capacity of young economists in Central Asia, for quantitative research, economic policy analysis, and, in particular, for econometric analysis of socioeconomic phenomena in the context of economics and related social sciences.

The emphasis of the Summer School Program will be made on identifying causal relationships using modern tools and techniques of applied econometric analysis. When necessary, the program will also cover mathematical foundations of modern econometrics. In particular, students of the Summer School Program will learn:

· how to identify and develop research questions, important aspects of writing scientific papers and process of publication of research results in international peer-reviewed journals

· methods of empirical data analysis and building robust econometric models

· methods of detecting causality in cross –sectional and panel data and identification strategies, addressing endogeneity and heterogeneity problems

· how to the interpret analytically the results of empirical research

Classes of the Summer School Program will be held at WIUT premises in Tashkent, with sessions combining applied and empirical analyses using advanced statistical packages such as Stata. All classes will be conducted in English by IFPRI senior researchers and WIUT faculty members with experience in modern applied research in economics.

Participation requirements:

Participants for the Summer School Program will be selected on a competitive basis. All those who are engaged in research or seek a career involving research, are fluent in English, are at the age of 35 or younger are eligible. Applicants should submit a completed (insert link here: 2016 Summer School Application Form) together with their most up to date CV to the following addresses This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than August 15, 2016.

The organizers will provide participants of the summer school with economy class round trip ticket to Tashkent, accommodation and living allowances for the duration of the Summer School.

To gain a better understanding of the programs curriculum, please review the programme offered during the 2015 Summer School for Young Economists.

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Monday, 04 July 2016 16:08

RELTA 2016

From 28th of June to 2nd of July Westminster International University in Tashkent hosted the fifth annual summer programme for English teachers – Regional English Language Training to Adults (RELTA). This year's programme, attended by 26 participants from 11 regions of Uzbekistan, was designed based upon the needs of English teachers at various academic lyceums and colleges of Uzbekistan.

The team of WIUT trainers headed by the BEAP lecturer Rozaliya Ziryanova made focus on such issues of teaching and learning as reading techniques and clubs; teaching grammar in communicative way; approaches to listening; test methods; and ways of motivating students. As a final product of the programme participants had to submit group micro-teaching session followed by the feedback from the faculty members.

The participants in addition to the training sessions were introduced to such on-campus opportunities as a use of computer rooms after sessions, library and its rich online database and witnessed real student life experience while living in the university dormitory. Also, they were able to share opinions and thoughts with their colleagues from different regions. Successful participants were awarded with certificates.

We approached several participants of RELTA-2016 to know their opinions on benefits of the programme and future use of obtained skills.

Shakhnoza Mirzaeva, Navoi region

Great amount of useful and up-to-date information. Very friendly atmosphere. Very motivating and inspiring for all teachers. I will share with colleagues in seminar which I am going to organize and apply during sessions without hesitation.

Sharif Khudoyberdiev, Surhandarya region

Before coming here I was hoping that I would be obtaining ideas about making my classes more interesting, more fruitful and especially about motivating my students from the trainers, but interestingly the trainers used the kind of approach that we learned from each other as well. I am really happy to be attending this seminar.

I think I my classes will be different from now on. Because now I know that the most important thing in motivating our students is just being motivated! And of course I am going to devote one of our local weekly seminars on the issues like motivating students and teaching grammar in a communicative way and on designing tests.

Elena Mustaeva, Namangan region

Participating in RELTA course benefited me a lot. First, I had opportunities to learn from other teachers’ working experience. The course has given me greater confidence. There was a great friendly atmosphere, studying alongside skillful teachers. Second, I have learned extremely useful information. In particular, the various techniques and approaches used to encourage active learning.

I also enjoyed the teaching observations. The observation sessions carried out at our lyceum are good too but it was valuable to experience them from a different viewpoint and to be taught by lectures who have worked in other setting.

I will implement what I have learnt in my workplace and improve practices as a Trainer and an Assessor. I’m going to apply different approaches and techniques of involving students into the learning process which I adopted from the lecturers and my colleagues as well.

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Thursday, 30 June 2016 05:27

Summer school

From May 30 to June 10, 2016, Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) will organize a Regional Training Course (Summer School) on Applied Econometric Analysis. The aim of the Summer School is to strengthen the capacity of young economists in Central Asia, specifically those of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, for quantitative research, economic policy analysis, and, in particular, for econometric analysis of socioeconomic phenomena in the context of economics and related social sciences.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016 16:05

ADB-WIUT Workshop

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) has joined hands with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in organizing the workshop on “Good Jobs for Inclusive Growth in Central Asia. Evolution of Employment and the Role of Economic Corridors in Creating Good Jobs in Uzbekistan” which was held at WIUT on 27-28 June.

This country workshop is meant to deepen the analysis of the ADB commissioned study on: “Employment and Labor Market Policies” with a focus on Uzbekistan. The workshop aimed at discussing issues related to the evolution of employment and the role played by economic corridors in creating “good jobs” (jobs which are well-paid, productive, and safe—and contribute to promoting  inclusive growth).

The workshop’s target audience included policymakers, government agencies’ officials, the civil society, research centers, think tanks, and other relevant institutions from Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. Representatives of development partner institutions and Prof. Ravi Kanbur  of Cornell University participated in the workshop in addition to members of the study team and ADB staff and consultants. The workshop targeted a total of about 50 participants.

During the one and a half days event the participants dedicated their time to discuss issues pertaining to the inclusive growth which implies  equal access for the population to the resources provided by the economic growth in country. In this context, the employment rate could be seen as one of the indicators of the inclusive growth and the human capital is an important factor to promote development and growth.

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Friday, 10 June 2016 16:41

CPFS Graduation Ceremony

Dear CPFS graduates,

The CPFS Graduation ceremony will be held on October 20 at 16:30 in IB 201.

All CPFS students who have successfully completed BEAP and BaQS courses are applicable to participate.  Also keep in mind to bring identity document (Passport, driving license or military card)

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