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Международный Вестминстерский университет в Ташкенте (МВУТ) представляет
Курс профессионального развития:
«Финансы: простая и прозрачная система учета, контроля и управления»
16 октября – 10 ноября 2017 г.

Сделайте решительный шаг к стабильному финансовому росту!

Получать результат, который оправдывает вложенные средства и ресурсы – это возможно! В этом Вам поможет данный курс, нацеленный на развитие способностей увидеть предпосылки проблемы, находить решения и идти к цели.



Обзор программы курса

Международный Вестминстерский Университет в Ташкенте запускает курс профессионального развития «Финансы: простая и прозрачная система учета, контроля и управления». Курс направлен на развитие теоретических знаний и практических навыков понимания и анализа основных финансовых ситуаций современной компании в рыночной среде.
Основной целью данных тренингов является изучение финансовых концепций, а также методов, которые применяются в финансовом управлении организации. Программа предусматривает ознакомление слушателей с практическими кейсами, с которыми сталкиваются организации при планировании финансовой стратегии, принятии управленческих решений и при этом учитывая оценку применимости различных методов в зависимости от реалий компании. Не секрет, что правильное финансовое решение влияет как на стоимость, так и на работу организации в целом. Данные кейсы помогут понять и проанализировать финансовые принципы, необходимые для стабильного роста организации. Кроме того интерактивность тренингов и обсуждения во время занятий будут способствовать представлению конкретной проблемы под разными углами для нахождения максимально оптимального решения.

Занятия проводятся на русском языке, 3 раза в неделю 19:00-21:00 c 16 октября по 10 ноября 2017 г.

Стоимость курса: 2 750 000 сум


Подробная информация по телефону: +998 71 2387400 (вн. 426), +998 71 2387443


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It is quite hard to label yesterday’s guest lecture as a traditional one WIUT previously organized. The engagement of students, openness of the speaker and the atmosphere made this event even more excitnig. This draw audience to feel admiration for a nation hero.The person who shared his experinece with WIUT students was Shakhram Giyasov, the welterweight boxer who won Uzbek, Asian and World Championships in 2017 as well as silver medal of Olympic Games in 2016 held in Rio da Janeiro.

The room was full of students but they were ready to stay just to listen to his stories and to ask the questions as if it was a press conference organized only for WIUT students.

The boxer answered all the questions related to any sphere of his sport and private life. He mentioned that there is always great responsibility before every match as the “easy-to-win” rivals do not exist. Shakhram Giyasov proudly stated that he had only two coaches in his boxing career and ready to accept the pain of the defeat if the rival is better.

Besides he shared the thoughts on women boxing saying that he was against it for many years thinking of girls as fragile creatures for this sport, traumas and the fight itself. However after having discussions with female boxers he changed his attitude. Since in general the aspirations for male and female boxers were the similar such as seeing the flag and singing the anthem of Uzbekistan, proving that boxing school of the country is the best in the world and demonstrating equal opportunities for everyone in sport.

WIUT supports determination, self-improvement and dedication of its students and organization of similar meetings will only contribute to this.

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 08:59

How to generate business ideas?

O11C8539 min minOn 11th of October Botir Arifdjanov - the founder of Paynet, LeBazar, Payme, Click and many other successful start-ups – held a thought-provoking guest lecture dedicated to topic “How to find a business idea?”

The session began with the presentation where the speaker emphasized the “business idea”, its characteristics as well the functions of that particular idea, the actions before launching into the real business like testing and targeting and other crucial aspects. The lecturer shared his experience during studies and success-failure business stories also left time for questions by WIUT students.

Botir Arifdjanov sincerely and openly answered the questions that were related to different aspects of business such as his first ideas before launching Paynet, his opinion upon spheres for possible lucrative start-ups in the country, team motivation methods and other curious questions.

It was amazing to witness the engagement of more than 70 students from the first moments of the presentation to the last words of the speaker. WIUT always encourages students’ aspirations and will continue to invite such outstanding representatives of business sphere for motivation, advice and discussions.

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by Nargiza Alimukhamedova


The geographic distance between a household and financial institutions may constitute a significant obstacle to achieving the benefits of modern financial institutions. We measure the impact of distance-related access to microcredits in Uzbekistan. Residents living closer to microfinance institutions are propensity score matched to those further away using both household and village characteristics. Households located nearer to microfinance institutions have larger businesses in terms of income, profits and employees than similar households located further away. In addition, they spend more on most forms of consumption and have greater savings. 

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Monday, 02 October 2017 07:23

Alumni Reunion Party

Westminster International University in Tashkent held another memorable Alumni event on Saturday 30th of September. It was a great opportunity for alumni to meet each other, to remeber their time at alma mater and enjoy an amazing concert.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 09:54

Induction Day in the Students’ Hall of Residence

Induction Day was held for all new students enrolled on to the program. The Event took place in the Students’ Residence Hall. Nizom Kadirov (Deputy Rector of Students’ Affairs) said opening speech and welcomed all new students. Alisher Sabirov (Head of the Social department) continued the meeting. The event took place in a friendly atmosphere where students got acquainted with each other.  Also President of the WIUT Student Union and representatives of Volunteer School participated with their presentations. 

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 07:34

Reading club session

WIUT Reading Club has just started it's monthly meetings in this new academic year.  The first session was delivered by Dr Manjeet Ridon from the University of Westminster! Dr. Manjeet Ridon is a Senior Academic Coordinator at the University of Westminster and she is responsible for strategic partnership with WIUT.

On the session the Reading Club's members discussed the  short story by Bengali-American-Canadian author Bharati Mukherjee "The Management of Grief". The story is about Air India plane crash and its' consequences. The session was magnificent and elucidated strong interest among students.

The WIUT Reading club has been established to help students to improve their presentation skills, English language proficiency, meet new students and staff members in informal atmosphere and to know about best examples of English literature.


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by Murod Aliyev


Although strategy research established strong links between intangible assets and firm performance, studies usually focus on intangible assets possessed by the focal firm (FIAs). Unlike previous studies, this paper focuses on the intangible assets possessed by the (multiple) organization(s) that own the focal firm (OIAs). We investigate the differences in the effectiveness of FIAs and OIAs in enhancing firm performance. We also examine how variations in institutional development across 23 countries influence 1) the usefulness of FIAs and OIAs 2) complementarities between these assets and 3) the advantages of being owned by multiple organizations (vis-à-vis a single owner). We show that institutional development affects differently the competitive advantages that FIAs and OIAs offer to the focal firm. Furthermore, the intangible assets of multiple owners provide advantages over those of single owners in enhancing firm performance, and these advantages are stronger in institutionally more developed countries.

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Saturday, 23 September 2017 07:24

Global Climate Change

by Michael Brody


Climate change is one of the defining global issues of our time. In Central Asia, climate risks to water resources are an especially difficult set of issues. This talk will address the following issues:

• basic understanding of the greenhouse effect

• strong weight of the evidence that warming is manmade and not a natural phenomenon

• review of how the climate has been changing

• brief survey of global effects, effects in Central Asia, Uzbekistan and the USA

• Discussion of our understanding and uncertainty about the magnitude of future warming

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by Akhtem Useinov


Over the past five decades, “economics of language” or “language economics” branch has emerged as a discipline analyzing resource allocation in modern societies. How and why do earnings differ between individuals with different language skills? This question is the most interesting empirical question in language economics today. In this paper, I investigate the relationship between individuals’ language skills and wages in three countries of Central Asia. The multiethnic structure of the Central Asian region makes it unique laboratory for analyzing returns to language skills among different language families. I contribute to existing literature by using distance between languages to capture language family effect on earnings. I find earnings premium for individuals with Russian language skills whose language distance between mother tongue and official language is high.

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