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Newly joined employees and existing staff with a new responsibility within the university will be welcomed and supported by our induction program

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LRC has finally received newest books from London! All items are registered and ready for checking out the library. All books were carefully selected by the Universities academic staff and by our experienced library officers based on highest demands of library users. We have also increased copies of books for highly used items.

The titles cover wide range of academic curriculum including Law, Economics, Information Technology and Business studies, as well as for the first time, the latest bestselling fiction books for our Readers Club members!

Please visit the LRC and ask your librarian for more information!!!


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Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is happy to announce CPFS entrance exam results.

CPFS Maths Exam Results - 2017



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Saturday, 12 August 2017 10:45

Scholarship Results

WIUT Scholarship Exam Results 2017/2018

After a competitive selection round, the recipients of Westminster International University in Tashkent, in academic year 2017/2018 have now been determined. 

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is happy to announce scholarship exam results.

According to the Executive Team meeting, starting from June 2015, only citizens of Uzbekistan can apply for the scholarship, regardless of their prior education. 20 scholarships are given to those who completed education in regions, 10 – to everybody else.

We sincerely congratulate current year’s successful scholarship winners!

According to the Scholarship criteria of Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) the following candidates are eligible for admission on a scholarship basis:


The following candidates are NOT eligible for admission on a scholarship basis:


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by Umid Aliev, Deputy-dean on Postgraduate Studies and Executive Education


The history of postgraduate education at WIUT started in 2006, when we opened the first Master’s degree program in International Business Management. Today, in addition to the program in international business, we have Master's programs in Applied Economics and International Commercial Law.

What are these programs prepare for – career paths?

The curriculum in each program is designed to offer opportunities for systematic study, and each aims to prepare broad-minded specialists that will be highly demanded both in Uzbekistan and internationally.

Master’s program in Applied Economics is  for students who wish to build a career as an economic analyst and to work for international organisations (e.g. UN organisations, World Bank, ADB, etc,) private businesses (e.g. investment banks, consulting companies), or government organisations (e.g. ministries). Students develop ability to understand contemporary economic problems, to apply advanced knowledge and techniques, to analyse public policy and its impact on businesses as well as to communicate relevant analysis and advice to policymakers and business leaders. They can discuss such topics as boosting an economic growth in a particular country, entering  a particular market, examining impacts of the changes in business environment and etc. Students are equipped with analytical tools and techniques that enable them to get further insights into the issues. For instance, we know that reducing taxes should improve the economy by boosting spending. The question is if it happens on a permanent basis or only under certain conditions. By what percentage points should be reduction in taxes? In case we reduce tax rate to 2 percentage points on income, will it lead to higher growth and will it improve the economy by  boosted spending? Will it grow by 2%, 5%, or 25%? The graduates of this program will be able to answer these sort of questions. Answering such questions requires data analysis at professional level undertaken on such software packages as Stata or Eviews. At the moment this course is the only one in Uzbekistan offering professional training on these programs, although nowadays knowing how to work on these packages has become a standard requirement for such specialists. 

Master’s degree program in International Commercial Law aims to provide students with a deep, systematic and structured knowledge of the general framework within which international commercial law operates.  The programme equips students for the "practice of law" in a specialised area subject to any necessary professional requirements. Graduates are employed in professional legal practice, banking and finance, insurance, transport, shipping, management, in-house legal work, import and export, insolvency practice, dispute resolution, consultancy, the public sector, legal and professional training, the diplomatic service, international organisations, national governmental organisations and academia. Key disciplines covered in the program are international taxation law, international trade law, legal aspects of e-commerce, international commercial arbitration, foreign direct investment arbitration, international project finance law, and others.

 Master’s degree program in International Business Management focuses on a range of business management disciplines such as strategic and operations management, human resources management, marketing, finance, and data analytics. Being themed ‘internationally’ students are given the opportunity to study global manufacturers and international brands in order to experience business practices and cultures. The course also helps students to build up critical thinking skills, presentation, negotiation and communication skills, sound decision making and evidence based problem solving skills, all of which are desirable for effective business personnel and leaders in a fast changing global business context.

Teaching at WIUT

All classes start at 18.30 for the convenience of those students who combine their studies with full-time jobs. Usually it takes two academic years to complete a program, but Master’s degree program in International Business Management and Applied Economics can be completed within one academic year if a student is enrolled into a full-time mode.

All classes are delivered by professional lecturers with substantial work experience both in education and in industry and who also actively publish their articles in leading international academic journals. We also arrange external speakers and business practitioners to come in to give special lectures and seminars about contemporary issues, such as latest advances in econometric analysis, digital entrepreneurship, sustainable marketing and globalisation.    

All our programs are fully validated by the University of Westminster in London, and that implies that all our students are simultaneously students of the University of Westminster and the degrees and diploma documents are issued by the University of Westminster. It means whether you study at Tashkent or London you receive exactly the same qualification. 

Entry requirements

Every program has an English language requirement for those applicants whose first degree was not taught and assessed in English. Such applicants are required to have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (including 6.0 in writing) or equivalent.

Depending on its nature each program has its requirement to the applicant’s prior experience. For example, of for Applied Economics there is a requirement that an applicant has the first degree in Economics, Mathematics, or Statistics. International Commercial Law requires the first degree in law area or prior work experience in it. International Business and Management has a very detailed requirement that applicants must have at least 12 months of full-time paid work experience or equivalent on the date of enrolment.  

There are also minimum age requirements. In particular, on the day of enrolment (18.09.2017), an applicant must be at least 22 years old for International Business Management and 23 for International Commercial Law. Applied Economics does not have a minimum age requirement.

The application to start from September 2017 can be submitted via our web-site,, till the 30th of August. 

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Westminster International University in Tashkent in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Business Women Association “Tadbirkor Ayol” delivered a one week training session focusing on Enhancing Women's Economic Empowerment in Uzbekistan. The training took place at Westminster International University in Tashkent on 3-15 July, 2017.

The main goal was to promote female entrepreneurs' and managers' understanding according to latest trends in business related issues through a high level, structured training. After completion of the course, it was expected that participants would learn to run their business more effectively, to expand their career path in administration, and to build business network. 

The training program covered such topics as: “How to conduct market and consumer analysis?”, “How to run business successfully?”, “How to recruit and motivate employees”, “How to turn an idea into a business ?”, “How to manage finances effectively?. A group of 50 individual female entrepreneurs from different regions of Uzbekistan were divided into two groups. They received training in different subject areas  including management, marketing, financial management and human resources management. All training sessions were held in Russian and Uzbek languages. On the 6th day of the training, participants prepared presentations and discussed  the skills and knowledge they have gained and how they would apply new skills in business environment.

The second group of female entrepreneurs was trained from 10th to 15th July. The advanced program included two optional modules and it also included a meeting with business representatives who shared their experience and leadership secret.

After each training representatives of WIUT, OSCE and Association of Business Women held a certificate giving ceremony and discussed the plans for the future.

Participants shared their impressions:

Karimberdieva Dilbar Ziyatdinovna, Karakalpakstan

I came from Karakalpakstan, where I work in tourism and travel industry for 20 years. I own a family-owned campsites in southern region of Karakalpakstan. They are located near the cities of Turtkul, Beruni and Kustan. We have 16 yurts decorated in traditional style to help our guest to experience traditional Karakalpakastan culture. Our service include accommodation in yurts, food and national shows. During these seminars I discovered new research methods, analysis, financial management and preparation of business plan. Generally, the course was not only very interesting but also very useful. I would very much like to thank the organisers for giving me the opportunity to participate in this workshop .During the lectures I started to ask myself questions I have never asked before. These questions were about doubts, risks, competitors, market competition, and finding business opportunities and e.t.  

Muydinova Dilfuza Bokhodyrovna, Ferghana region

I run a beauty salon and the wedding dress studio. It is already a second year I have my business and I am still in the beginning phase of it. Without basic knowledge in business management, we – female entrepreneurs make mistakes. Facing these challenges we close our small business. I am used to think that I know everything about running the business and managing human resources but it turned out that I know may be 10% of all of this. I gained a lot from these seminars. I widen my knowledge in management, HR management, and accounting. Now I can plan my business and probably continue my entrepreneurial activities in different spheres.

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All participants of Business Management professional development course at Westminster International University in Tashkent successfully completed their training. In the future, we will continue to carefully listen to our participants needs, to think together about what we need and how we can deliver high quality executive courses and programs.

We are combining our congratulations with sincere gratitude, we express our participants. We  believe that new skills and ideas learned in the training  will be applied in the workplace. WIUT also offers  additional benefits to all participants, such as access to the university facilities and discounts for other courses.


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Monday, 03 July 2017 05:26

Annual conferences

Annual conferences – In 2016, WIUT jointly with the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan are pleased to announce their joint annual conference “Inclusive and Sustainable Growth: Current Issues” to be held on June 10 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The best papers will be considered for publication in a local journal “Market, Money and Credit”.

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by Nozima Shamsieva


Project finance is, in essence, complex method of financing which has certain advantages and disadvantages, though it plays an important role in financing development throughout the world. It is considered as an important means of facilitating the construction of infrastructure in developing countries and implementation of large projects in the energy, transportation, mining and other industries. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the legal environment for implementation of project finance in Uzbekistan and to discuss significant developments in this market. Main issues that will be covered in this paper are government approvals and restrictions, the issues related to collateral and possible legal risks.

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Westminster International University in Tashkent took participation in International Education Fair 2017, held on 23-24, June in Astana and 26-27 in Almaty, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan ‘”Center for International Programs” , JSC the official administrator of “Bolashak” International Scholarship.

At the opening ceremony of the Exhibition, the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. Sagadiev delivered a welcoming speech and expressed his confidence that "the exhibition site will become the starting point for expanding cross-border cooperation in the region and beyond", and wished all the participants and guests fruitful cooperation and success in establishing new business contacts.

The goal of the event, which is considered as the largest educational exhibition in the Republic of Kazakhstan, was an expansion of international cooperation, promotion of foreign education, implementation of international educational projects.

The exhibition was attended by deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan B. Aitimova and A. Bizhanov. The Representatives of more than 100 Kazakhstani and foreign universities (USA, Great Britain, countries of continental Europe, Asia and CIS), language schools, educational agencies took part in the event.

The International Educational Fair 2017 brought together international education providers and local Kazakhstani universities. It was an excellent opportunity for networking and building partnership with international educational professionals. 

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