Orientation and Transition

From the very first few days at WIUT students are introduced to the new environment through an intensive orientation programme. The programme is designed to ease students’ transition to the new academic setting, engage with different methods of teaching and learning and adapt to a different lifestyle as a WIUT student.  The programme provides activities to enable students to familiarise students with the geography, resources and facilities of WIUT, and to enable them to meet informally with their fellow students, mentors, academic counsellors, members of the teaching staff and support services.  The university prides itself on developing and delivering such programmes, all course have a similar induction programme for home and international students, Undergraduate and Postgraduate. 

Peer Mentoring

This is a process that is commonly used by WIUT on induction.  Students who have been at the university for some time are used to ‘mentor’ new students.  The programme aims to provide support to the new students during their first year at WIUT to help them settle in, transition smoothly to the new environment, make progress and achieve their potential within the University. Mentors are specifically selected from among final year students with high academic performance, and who demonstrate responsibility and dedication. Prior to the commencement of the new academic year, the group of newly recruited mentors receives an intensive training to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to support new students during their transition from school to university and to new educational system. This is an ongoing relationship between the upper-level students and the new generation that not only ease the acculturation and adjustment of new students, but also maintain a positive culture and pass on the values of the University from one cohort to the other.



Whether you are a new or continuing student, WIUT offers help and support in finding a suitable place to live in Tashkent.


While peer mentoring is primarily envisaged as a form of peer support during the most challenging period of transition through the foundation, Academic Counselling is intended to provide personalized and regular academic advice and support over the student life journey from induction on the course to completion of studies.


International Student Support (ISS) is an integral part of WIUT Student Support Services and works closely with Admissions Office (a part of the Academic Registrar’s Office), Academic Affairs and other partners to provide a holistic approach to facilitating international student admission, acclimation, and retention.


Recognizing the academic strengths and weaknesses of students from the region, Academic Learning Development assists students in successful progression though the studies by offering support in the development of their study skills, academic writing, numerical and research skills.