On 20th of January Westminster International University in Tashkent hosted a Conference on Development Prospects of entrepreneurial activities, innovative ideas and technology in the Republic of Uzbekistan organized together with Tashkent University of Information Technologies and Inha University in Tashkent. A

Conference was initiated by «Innovative Development Group», which consists of the most active and talented students with outstanding academic results from TUIT named after Muhammad Al-Kwarizmi, WIUT and IUT. IDG organizes monthly events via guests lectures to analyze past, current and prospective reforms in the sphere of innovative development, IT and communications.

The principle aim of «Innovative Development Group» is to provide the analysis of prospective reforms for innovative and ICT development of the Republic of Uzbekistan based of international experience and the ideas of younger generation.

Major objectives of «Innovative Development Group» are the following :
• To develop students’ professional and social skills by organizing monthly conferences, brainstorms and other events with local and international specialists.
• To reveal talents and provide them with the opportunities to be employed by leading IT companies and governmental organizations.
• To analyze world-wide experience including various reforms concerned with innovations and IT.
• To organize different event with the successful businessmen, governmental officials and
representatives of multinational companies located in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
After the conference the most active participants were awarded by AK "Uzbektelekom" and Uzmobile companies.

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On 22nd of January Westminster International University in Tashkent organized a unique event: simultaneous chess play by Woman Grandmaster Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim, the strongest female chess player in Uzbekistan at the moment. The event is dedicated to the Day of Defenders of Motherland.

The champion was challenged by 20 students and staff members from our university at a simultaneous game. She is just 17, but already has obtained 3-5th places in the World Chess Championship(U20) among females in 2017, won Central Asian Cup and Asian Championship among females(U20) in 2015 and title of the best female Uzbek player 7 times from 2008 to 2016. The winner was awarded a special prize by the University.

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Friday, 19 January 2018 00:00

Launch of LRC Digital Library

LRC Digital Library  launched on January 19, is an electronic platform for more than 300 e-books, e-journals and final projects and it is not the limit. LRC staff is striving to increase the visibility and opportunities for researchers. From the very beginning, the WIUT LRC has taken an advantage of the latest technology in creating digital catalogues for faster and easier access to its resources.

Updated and high demanded materials are being downloaded on a weekly basis by LRC staff members. Digital library e-book collection contains hundreds of titles covering key subject areas in Business studies and Marketing, Business Information Systems and Technology, Economics and Finance, Law and Commercial Law, Mathematics, English for Academic Purposes and Teaching and even fiction books.  Interface is user-friendly and the most informative due to a number of running lines with news and promo photos. 

The library of WIUT is similar to the library of Westminster University in London. WIUT does not put any restrictions on usage of library facilities. All visitors have an open access to all available resources. The platform also maintains electronic versions of LRC high demanded printed materials. 

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Thursday, 18 January 2018 05:24

Research Digest (December 2017)

Dear Generation Z students, 

You may wonder why students need to be engaged in cutting-edge research. Research is an endless process of endeavor.

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by Saida Akbarova and Liliya Makovskaya


Report writing is the most challenging aspect in teaching Academic English. In addition to linguistic skills, students need to possess several transferable skills to accomplish such type of writing. We believe that to enhance both language proficiency and needed skills a small-scale research should be conducted by students. This written assignment requires students to communicate the message clearly, to provide logical arguments, to write in an appropriate format and style, to incorporate sources, to avoid plagiarism and follow a certain referencing system. In this presentation, we aim to share our experiences in developing report writing following several stages of its organization and designing syllabus (learning outcomes, assessment and content).

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 07:25

Information Session for Applicants' Parents

On 16th of January Westminster International University in Tashkent organized the first "Information session for applicant’s parents". The information session was dedicated to the 16th Anniversary of WIUT.

Parents play a vital role in helping their children to make decisions about their future career. While attending the event parents had an opportunity to get acquainted with the University and better understand the study process. The event consisted of a brief presentation followed by a question and answer session. After this parents had a tour to WIUT Learning and Resource Center.


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Mr. Babur Yusupov was invited to WIUT to conduct a guest lecture on the insights of Investment Banking. Mr. Yusupov has previously worked for 9 years at Deutsche Bank London Capital Markets. He was invited on the behalf of the WIUT Finance Club, which aims to cover the fundamentals of equity valuation, bond pricing and critically analyse the phenomenon of financial decision-making.

The lecture was held on 12th of January at 17:00. The topic was “Debunking Myths of Investment Banking”. The structure of the lecture was the following: a 30-minute presentation by Mr. Yusupov and an interactive 20-minute Q&A session. The audience was fully engaged and asked a range of open-ended questions from the liquidity of European banks to the improving investment climate of Uzbekistan.

Here are some reviews of the event provided by the students:

“It was an unforgettable guest lecture, which was inspiring to most of us. Now I understand, that there are many opportunities to improve ourselves by securing internships. I realized the gains of studying hard at the university, which is hugely important for providing us a theoretical foundation for future work placements” (Aybek Jalelov, CIFS student).

“The lector’s knowledge about economics and finance is on another level. The way how Mr. Yusupov communicated and answered the questions was fascinating. Generally, I found the lecture very useful not only in terms of becoming acquainted with the  investment banking but also in terms of public speaking and approach to people” (Shokhjakhon Khudoynazarov, CIFS student).

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Dear compatriots, dear friends,

On behalf of the Westminster International University in Tashkent we congratulate you with the upcoming Day of Defenders of the Motherland!

We wish you sincere smiles inside your souls, good health, confidence, courageous and well-thought-out decisions, and luck in all your endeavours. Let new, brave ideas lead you to success and brilliant victories!

May the World be in Peace!

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In honour of the Day of Defenders of the Motherland, which is celebrated on 14th of January,  WIUT students organized a concert. Traditionally, all male students and WIUT co-workers are congratulated on January 12th.

The Day of Defenders of the Motherland is a wonderful public holiday. In celebration of this event, WIUT Lyceum has invited the orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  All the guests were impressed by the orchestra's performance of classic and modern Uzbek music. During the event veterans of the University were awarded with the memorable presents by the WIUT administration.

Students also performed national and contemporary dances. At the end of the event female students prepared some interesting quizzes and contests for male students.

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On 11th of January Westminster International University in Tashkent welcomed Otabek Mahkamov. Otabek Mahkamov is a well-known lawyer, journalist,actor and blogger,radio announcer. He delivered a speech on theme of "Self Optimism in the Era of collectivistic pessimism".
During his lecture to WIUT students he talked about the role of optimism in everyone's life. He emphasized that the main principle in the way of achieving goals is having positive view about our life.

One of the WIUT students Sarvinozkhon Nematkhonova shared her impressions: "Otabek Mahkamov greatly explained effects of positive worldview and inspired students to achieve their goals with optimistic thinking. He shared with students his life practice and became a model to some of them." 

Students enjoyed the lecture and asked many interesting quetions regarding the topic of the lecture and lecturer's life practice.

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