Westminster International University in Tashkent was honoured to host Prof. dr. hab. Władysław Czapliński, Professor of International Law; Director, Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences and Professor of International and European Law, University of Warsaw Centre for Europe, for a series of guest lectures. On Wednesday, 7th of February "Democracy and rule of law in international law and EU law" lecture was a fascinating snapshot into his diplomatic experience and legal practice.

Another lecture was held on 12th of February on "Uniform Application of EU Law in Domestic Legal Orders of the Member States". During the lecture professor highlighted the main aspects of EU law, EU institutions and contemporary problems which the supranational organization faces today. On 13th of February he gave a lecture on "EU as international legal person", addressed to the students of Commercial law course. The lectures were held in a very creative  and open atmosphere. "These kind of guest lectures are always a great opportunity to get knowledge, to know something new from experts in EU law. The European Union is indeed unique international organisation and we are highly interested in studying it from the perspective of international law. Professor Czaplinski as a highly qualified expert in both EU Law and international law provided us with such opportunity.", - said Fayoz Kamalov, WIUT Commercial law student.

 Prof. dr. hab. Władysław Czapliński is the Chairman of Advisory Board on International and European Law with the Minister of Justice and Advisor to the Government and counsel for the parties before the European Court of Human Rights and European Union Court of Justice,  Member of Board of Arbitrators in the Chamber of Commerce of Poland and also he is the Senior Partner at Królak and Partners Law Firm in Warsaw. He authored numerous academic publications, including a book entitled Poland’s Way to the European Union. Legal Aspects, Scholar 2002, (ed. and Coauthor).



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