Wednesday, 14 February 2018 12:12

On campus interview

On 9th of February 2018 Career Centre organized one of the sessions of “On-Campus Interview” with HR Managers of Artel Group. The session consisted of  two parts.

 First part:

• Presentation about the company
• Video about the company

 Second part:

• The HR Managers gave tests to students
• Students attached their resumes to the tests
• Q&A between HR Managers and Students

Interview was beneficial for level 6 students from faculties of Economics with Finance and Business Administration. HR Managers and students found the session informative and interactive. They enjoyed it. The most important part of the session was the job application process. Following up company presentation, students took a test which was a part of applying process. As a result, the companies agreed to accept some of students for further selection process. In general, this event was well organized and very promising! 

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