Thursday, 01 February 2018 05:08

GMPT Uz plant tour

Semester II Academic year 2017-2018 WIUT launched new module - ERP Design and Implementation (Module code: 6BUIS015C) on Business Information Systems Course.

Module aims to provide students with theoretical and practical background of ERP systems and its principles of development.

The General Motors Powertrain plant hosted level 6 students for a plant tour sharing insight into enterprise resources planning, manufacturing systems and business processes. Students had an opportunity to see the engine production, explore the work of manufacturing systems and insight into overall enterprise resources planning and data flow. The students also listened to presentations from Supply chain operations, Finance and HR in terms of resources planning by GMPT Uz staff members.

WIUT expresses gratitude to  GM Uzbekistan Country Lead and General Director GM Powertrain Jennifer Bigelow for support and organization of plant tour and input in young talents development in STEM and also deep appreciation to GMPT Uz staff for conducting an interesting and informative plant tour - Zafarbek Abdullaev, Farrukh Niyazaliyev, Olga Park, Farangis Azizova, Andrey Tronevich and Liya Bazarova. 

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