Friday, 09 February 2018 04:35

Guest lectures at WIUT

Every Academic year, Westminster International University in Tashkent attracts a wide range of distinguished speakers. These popular lectures are given by  academics distinguished in their research area and cover a wide range of topics. 

In the first week of February WIUT hosted a series of Guest lectures, competitions and the charity concert to celebrate its’ Anniversary. On 6th of February WIUT Liason Tutor Richard West presented on the topic of 'Make God laugh by sharing your plans: navigating the future in an uncertain world'.  Richard is a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster in marketing and module leader for the undergraduate module "Theory and Practice of Business" , and the postgraduate module " Sales Promotion and Management". With over twenty years industry experience in marketing, he combines maketing consultancy with teaching and research.

Another session was delivered by Colin Everiss, the Liason Tutor for BIS, the topic was "Information Driven Entrepreneurship" (on February 5, at 2:00 pm in IB 201). Colin Everiss teaches Entrepreneurship and enterprise at the University of Westminster in London. As an active researcher in the Communications and Compunetics Research Group , he has worked in the field of assistive technologies through ontological reasoning and has applied this to cases influenced by autism. Furthermore, other work has contributed to publications in the field of autonomous machine learning in user profiling. His current work is in areas associated with market intelligence and applying this in areas such as journalism and film. During his lecture Mr. Everiss emphasized on the need of gathering a wide range of information while managing a business.

On 7th of February Dr. Paresh Kathrani gave a lecture on ‘The Law Firm, the Legal Services Market and Law Tech’. Dr. Kathrani specialises in Criminal Law, and Public, Constitutional and Administrative Law, and taught at undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational levels.


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