On 7th of April, Westminster International University in Tashkent welcomed Yuliya Yakovleva, PhD Technical Sciences, the Director of Persons Hunters Agency. During the meeting Yuliya told about her education, experience in science, and how women can successfully combine work and family.

 Yuliya Alekseyevna Yakovleva hold her bachelor and masters degrees from Tashkent Institute of Information Technologies specialised in telecommunications engineering, networks and information ditribution nodes. She also holds PhD in telecommunication systems and computer broadband networks based on neutral technology and wanted to dedicate her professional career to computer technoligies and telecommunication systems.

At different stages of her career, Yuliya combined job in business and lead IT projects in parallel with research and teaching. Yuliya has unique experince of over 15 years in consultancy with interdisciplinary skills of project management and team management, uniting specialists and building teams from scratch. Acknowledging complexity of project implementation and direct connection of products success to teamwork, Yuliya took ledearship role in talents acquisition and team matching. Thus. by developing the skills of recruiting and identifying professional abilities, Yuliya is dedicated to mentorship and development of students and also professionals by helping and guiding their IT careers growth.

This meeting was organized in the framework of "Uzbekistan women in STEM" project, which aims on raising awareness  for the issue of small population of female students and workforce in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields, motivating and spreading success stories of 12 women of Uzbekistan who brilliantly developed their careers in STEM and brainstorming and discussion of challenges of women career development and education in STEM. It is implemented through organization of monthly events in a form of panel discussion and interview with 12 women in STEM, informal discussions, Q&A.

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