Sunday, 01 April 2018 07:23

Parents’ Day

On March 31st Westminster international University in Tashkent organized a “Parents’ Day” for CIFS students’ family members to experience different aspects of university life.
On this day University opened its’ doors to welcome parents of our students. Despite the moody weather, a number of indoor activities taken place on Campus, gave parents a general idea of student's life. Parents were invited to join University Tour, to listen to Course Presentations and to meet Course Teams as well as to participate in many other different events and activities. All presentations were held in Uzbek and Russian languages. The Day kicked off with the Tour around the university, particularly Sports Hall, LRC, academic classes in Istiqbal building and Amir Temur building, Ask.WIUT, Canteen, PC labs, etc. Parents spent their day interacting with faculty and staff and also with parents of other students. They have learned about the available resources and services.
The course presentations, made by course leaders, were very interesting as they provided general information about the organized courses and study process. Parents needed this information to assist their children in choosing the suitable and right undergraduate programme to continue their education.
The day ended with the “Questions and Answers” session lead by Course leaders. The main goal of this event was to provide supportive information about the University, Campus Life and Study Programms. 

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