Wednesday, 03 March 2021 14:23

Head of Public Affairs office visits WIUT

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US Embassy WIUTAlexis Sullivan is the Diplomat and Head of Public Affairs Office the administrator of official U.S. exchange programs as Fulbright Scholars, Humphrey Fellows, and International Visitor participants. Alexis visited WIUT on March 3rd to discuss mutually beneficial cooperation, learn more about WIUT, share the work of the PAO, and introduces Frishta Qaderi, a Fulbright Scholar Ms. Frishta Qaderi, hosted by the Center for Policy Research & Outreach at Westminster International University in Tashkent.

Ms. Qaderi graduated magna cum laude from Brown University in 2020. Her research interests include environmental history, climate policy, and sustainable development. As a Fulbright Research Fellow in Uzbekistan, Frishta will be studying women’s participation in rural water management. After completing her research in Uzbekistan, she will continue her studies in environmental governance at the University of Oxford as a Marshall Scholar. Frishta speaks Persian, English, and Russian.