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Maths Entrance Exam

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     The goal of WIUT Admissions includes the cultivation of a diverse community amongst its new intake each year. A diverse and throughout our University there are examples of this commitment though a variety of initiatives, none more so than considering each and every applicant to the University.

     WIUT continuously strives for innovative opportunities to enhance the student recruitment process along with ensuring full transparency, equity and fairness of admissions processes. Therefore, for the 2021/22 Academic year, WIUT has launched its on-campus computer based mathematics test for all applicants who wish to apply to CIFS or to Undergraduate programmes.

       The WIUT computer based math exam complexity will be at the same level as the previous paper-based examinations. Applicants who wish to take the examination need to register through admission.wiut.uz or if they already have created their profile they should choose a suitable date for the exam. Detailed guidelines and exam rules can also be found below.


        WIUT Computer based Examination


       WIUT Computer based Mathematics examination is a standardized test for admissions to WIUT courses including CIFS and Undergraduate. WIUT computer based Entrance exam is developed and operated by WIUT and the complexity level of tasks are similar to previous year’s exams, including content, timings and marking. Computer based examination is normally consisted of a set of multiple choice questions.

       The Exam will take place at the premises of the University by strictly following Covid-19 safety and security measures. General rules and regulations of WIUT Entrance Exam will also apply to computer based exam. The examination fee for a single pass is 200,000 UZS (not refundable, please refer to Admissions Policy and Terms and Conditions) for citizens of Uzbekistan and 250,000 UZS (not refundable, please refer to Admissions Policy and Terms and Conditions) for international applicants. Scholarship award selection is supposed to be organized in second stage of examinations on campus.

       WIUT Paper based entrance exam is no more available.


Exam registration

       Applicants, who wish to take WIUT computer based exam need to select available date through admission.wiut.uz and follow instructions on exam fee payment.

        It is each applicant’s responsibility to get acquainted with this guidelines, as well as Admissions Policy and Admissions Terms and Conditions.

       After successful payment, the applicants’ submission will be reviewed by Admissions department to approve the candidate to take the exam. Please make sure that you complete your application by doing the following:

  • Fill the application form properly paying attention correct spelling of your name/surname, date of birth, passport series and number, passport given by, school name, home address and etc;
  • Upload your photo taken within last 6 months, passport/id photo, English proficiency test (if available) and evidence from your school indicating year of graduation (mandatory);
  • Select available exam date and make a payment;
  • Check your email regularly in order not to miss the information regarding exam dates;

          After your application is accepted, you will get notification on further detailed instructions.

 Practice with sample test questions

        You can find last year exam scripts here to give an indication of exam questions and complexity of the exam.