Wednesday, 31 March 2021 15:24

Musical Room at School № 57

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March 31 2021 saw the long-awaited grand opening of the ‘Music and Rhythm Room’ at the specialized school for children with mental and physical disabilities, School No. 57.

In 2018, the administration of WIUT and the Warm Heart Foundation joined forces to carry out repairs and purchase equipment for a physical therapy room at a specialized school for children with mental and physical disabilities – School No. 57. Moreover, as a result of a charity event held in 2019-2020, WIUT administration and members of the Warm Heart Foundation decided to help equip the school with a Music and Rhythm room where students could develop their creative abilities. WIUT employees donated musical instruments, and members of the WIUT Art Club painted the walls of the office with bright creative drawings. Now, the doors of this second room in the school are decorated with a commemorative plaque reading “From the people of WIUT”. WIUT students now hold friendly volleyball and football matches with schoolchildren, and students participating in the Art Club hold drawing classes for children.

The opening ceremony began with a welcome speech by the director of school No. 57, Jeleznyakova Svetlana, and the Rector of WIUT, Bakhrom Mirkasimov. They congratulated the students on the opening of the new Music and Rhythm Room and wished them further success in developing their creative potential. The event continued with song and dance performances by the schoolchildren.